Kiznar (K-ih-zz-nar)

Kiznar are a lonely type. They populate the gorges of the East Snalesh Mountains. Born of their race is the long dead wizard Korvas.

Basic Information


Kiznar are a small race. Their limbs make up for that as their huge upperbodies are used for climbing their natural mountain cliff enviroments. Their third arm located on their lower back has many races uneasy with their alien appearance. Their lavendar skin as well makes them appear like three petaled flowers made of sinew and skin when they sit still. Their small lowerbody doesn't help the fact that they are often compared to gorillas.

Genetics and Reproduction

Kiznar reproduce through sexual intercourse mixed with a touch of magic. The Kiznar are an asexual race but still require a partner to produce offspring. All Kiznar posses both what humans would consider to be male and female anatomy. Also similar to humans Kiznar have a nearly identical to Human reproduction ritual. They then vastly differ in the gestation period following that.   Kiznar are linked to the magic of the world. Authors note, while disconcerting to most species, most Kiznar note in response that growing the child inside yourself is much more upsetting. The impregnated Kiznar will carry within them a magical organ known as the Zeal Womb. The Zeal womb is a extradimensional space where the child grows. No physical signs can be seen in the pregnant Kiznar but their appetite will increase drastically over the period.   The growing Kiznar will remain in the space for up to a full temple period. Upon maturation inside the space the pregnant Kiznar will then give birth. The birth was extremely painful until the second era when a ritual of unknown origin was created to move the Organ close to the Kiznars orifice and greatly reduce the average birth time. After the creation of this ritual the population of the Kiznar exploded and they spread across the northern coast of the continent.

Growth Rate & Stages

Once born Kiznar are already able to walk and eat on their own. Much less fragile than Human newborns, at the price of a long gestation period, Kiznar are fairly capable after birth within only a few months. Kiznar grow from newborn to young adult over the course of seventy to one hundred years. The mark of adulthood is the growth of a Zeal Womb within the Kiznars lower abdomen which can be noted by other Kiznars magical senses. Kiznar then live on average about three hundred years. Some healthy Kiznar have reached the age of five hundred as well.

Ecology and Habitats

Kiznars morphology allows for them to be proficent climbers. Living fairly vertical lives the Kiznar lived in the mountains most of their lives till the second era when their population explosions allowed them to expand to the tree tops of the nearby West Foisham Jungels. Some Kiznar have adapted to the Snalesh swamps as ablebodied rowers.   Their homes often are tall towers built into the side of cliffs, affording them protection from many predators in the ancient days. Kiznar in modern Potestatem often live on top of Plateus, in tree tops, or in urban enviroments where the vertical sprawl allows them personal space from those who find climbing aredeous. The Kiznars isolated homes allowed them time for immobile lives where farming, study, and herding of birds was common.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Kiznar are omnivores with great appetites. Their small bodies in harsh cold mountain enviroments have afforded them fast metabolisms to produce large amounts of heat and keep their high average heart rates going at a steady rhythm. Kiznar are known for the preference for eggs, Foisham fruits, and dense meats. Their large set of three arms are often seen in kitches rapidly cooking with a mix of spellcraft and ease.

Biological Cycle

Kiznars harsh mountain enviroments and magical connection to the world affords them some unique biological cycles. The temple's presence has an affect on their behavior and appearnce greatly. When near the Kiznar find their ability's occasionally blessed as well as their bodies healtheir. While the changes are usually subtle, unique indivduals will find insight into the ways of the world during the Tempels passing.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Kiznar society is bizzare to say the least. Through unknown ancient history, the Kiznar have come to worship the resurrected dead as their gods and even leaders. Kiznar necromancers are a known force in the world of Potestatem and many Kiznar cities, villages, and tribes are ordered around the school of necromancy.

Facial characteristics

Kiznar faces while humanoid are distinctly peculair. Small noses and huge mouths that stretch to the back of their jawbones, a smile is often always beaming with straight rows of square teeth. Their eyes are colorful binocular things, giving them quadnocular vision. Each eye has two pupils leading to the sensors inside. On top of the usual rods and cones like humans, Kiznar have Zones. Zones can see magical fields of espeically strong nature. Lucky indviduals can even see those created by spellcraft, though the trait is very rare.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The northern coast centered on the Snalesh swamps is the largest population of the Kiznar.

Average Intelligence

Kiznar memerization, logical deduction, and puzzle ability is a source of gain and woe to all around them. From card counters to Wizards the Kiznar explore their own mind and the world around them with incredible sapient ability.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Kiznar are a magically gifted race with an increased sense for magical fields and regional effects. The race itself seems drawn to area's of dense magical knots. This is visible in their second set of pupils in their eyes.

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

Kiznar have a extrondinary relationship with the giant Roc birds of the Dawn Mountains. Many more rural or even tribal villages raise the birds as farm animals.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Kiznar are given a name at birth but like the Vedalken, take their own name once they reach adulthood.

Major Organizations

Kiznar necormatic cults and underground wizardy are popular throughout the Western Foisham jungel.

Beauty Ideals

Kiznar beauty ideals have lended themselves towards the ideal image that Korvas left in the first era. Lavendar skin, large upper body and strong arms with a small nose and thin lips are percived as attractive throughout Kiznar society.

Gender Ideals

Kiznar are a single gender race and seem to have reflected that in their society with mono standards across their peoples.

Courtship Ideals

Kiznar are intellectual race and have long complex courtship periods. Slow build of shared knowledge, trust, and working their craft to impress the other is standard practice. This is juxtaposed by Kiznars lack of need for companionship leading to long drawn out courtships with very little actual interaction spaced between vast periods of no time together.

Common Dress Code

Kiznar society on the conservative side is extremely modest compared to many cultures. Thick clothing that coveres even the hands and head leaves even the slightest exposure of skin to be seen as promiscues. The more progessive Kiznar dress codes can be found in the hotter jungles where backless clothes, three bare arms, shoeless feet, and cropped tops are the standard way of life.


Ancient Kiznar were born to the harsh mountains and swampland of the Snalesh. Their unique reproduction was harsh on their population and made it difficult for expansion. Early in the first era a Kiznar known as Korvas was born and later went on to become on of histories greatest Wizards. His spellcraft and ability led the Kiznar to expand greatly throughout their mountain home and reform their society around the study of magic.   In the second era a ritual of unknown origin was created to ease the reproduction of Kiznar. Due to this ritual their population exploded and Kiznar spread over the north coast of the south continent.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Homo Zealcus
Average Height
Average Weight
Average Physique
Most Kiznar are weak overall in physcie due to the lack of a strong lower body like that of their fellow sapient races. Their arms though are dense with muscles even in the youngest of their kind.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Kiznar skin is lavendar in color with shades varying from a deep purple to a pale pinikish color similar to rose quartz rocks. Kiznar adult stomachs appear to have a darker orb where a belly button would be often, this is simply the Zeal Womb which is often visible through the skin.
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