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Merlin de Villebrume

The legendary seer, wizard and adviser to Arthur Pendragon and the kings before him. A prominent figure in Camelot and the Council of Camelan after it.

Mental characteristics

Morality & Philosophy

Merlin was one of the mages clearly in favour of The Mages' Accord, even if such support pit him against most of his contemporaries. He believed ardently that magic should be regulated if their people could ever claim to be moral and compassionate.


Contacts & Relations

He's had many relationships with women, including a previous one with the Lady of the Lake and Morgan le Fay herself. Ultimately Nimue, Lady of the Lake, causes his mysterious disappearance in a cave system and ends up taking his role as Arthur's adviser and sorceress. She put out the public story that it was in this cave that Merlin ultimately perished.   He advised the first King of Camelot, Derek Blakeley, when they worked together to fight against the mages of Poraile. Merlin's motives behind this alliance are still brought into question to this day.

Family Ties

He has a sister called Genieda. They have a rocky relationship at the best of times, since she blames him for the deaths of her children and husband thanks to his meddling.

Social Aptitude

He has a sense for when two people are going to get along and regularly advises Arthur Pendragon on who to associate with. Though he has good points, no one likes listening to him since he doesn't care to sugar-coat his opinions. In short, people have him around because of his skills and prophecies, but regret it when they misstep.   Though he's quite serious about his duties to king and country, he isn't shy when it comes to well-earned relaxation or talking about his current research topics. He's diplomatic and affable whenever he needs to be (especially when Arthur's gotten himself into a rage) and quite a good dinner host. That is, if you like talking about the semantics of magic and philosophy.


There's soothing cadence to his voice that can disarm most people, even if they'd rather keep fighting. Though he's soft-spoken, his voice becomes surprisingly clear and loud when he intends to be heard.   He speaks with a formal dialect and is insistent on pronouncing a word how it's spelt rather than how it's commonly said. His tone is jovial and on a slightly higher pitch than those in the modern world, but that's part of the reason why hearing him speak is so fascinating.



Mentor (Important)

Towards Arthur Pendragon




Arthur Pendragon

Pupil (Vital)

Towards Merlin





Merlin was charged with taking care of Arthur on behalf of his father, since the castle he was born was being raided by dangerous opposition. He put him into the care of Sir Kay and Sir Ector, who served as adoptive family until their reunion upon Arthur's coronation. Since then, they've been inseparable and vital allies for one another, with Merlin carefully advising him on how to rule effectively as king.

Chaotic Good
Date of Birth
9th of Duskember (December)
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Prefers to be seen as a man and therefore masculine. Goes by he / him pronouns.
Light blue, wide
Dark brown
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
He speaks fluent Latin as his fist language, but has come to learn many others in his travels.

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