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Arthur Pendragon

King / Sir Arthur Pendragon (a.k.a. Artie)

The legendary King of Camelot who died after a narrow victory at the Battle of Camlann.

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

Arthur is rarely seen completely bereft of armour or weapons, but likes to wear common clothing to feel comfortable.

Specialized Equipment

Arthur has owned two weapons since he became King of Camelot. The first was Clarent (a.k.a, the Sword in the Stone) which he continued to use throughout his early military career until it broke.     His more famous blade, Excalibur, was given to him by The Lady of the Lake and forged in Avalon. It's a blade said to never break, with a scabbard that protects its wearer.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Arthur was the only son of Uther Pendragon, his widely celebrated predecessor. Born in Tintagel Castle amidst civil unrest, Uther entrusted his son to Merlin, who in turn gave the child to Sir Ector and his family.   The boy was raised by the veteran knight alongside his adoptive brother, Sir Kay. Arthur remained ignorant of his heritage and inheritance even when Uther had died. At 15, he found the Sword in the Stone, enchanted with magic that only allowed the future King of Camelot to draw the blade from the rock.   It had been neglected in the years after Uther's death, the prominent nobles and alternative successors convinced no one would be able to inherit his crown. However, Arthur drew the sword with no effort at all and offered it to Sir Kay, unknowing of its importance.   As news of the feat spread, Arthur was coronated the new King. In this position, he led many successful military campaigns in the effort to unite all the humans of Poraile under one banner. He realised the crucial cultural heritage that would be erased from such a venture and instead revived the old union between Camelot, Noravägen and Oksal.


He was mostly tutored under Sir Ector as squire for his adoptive brother, Sir Kay. After his coronation as King he was taken under Merlin's  wing and taught the essentials of politics and the court.


Arthur started his professional life as a page, working under the kitchen staff and occasionally other craftsmen. Though unusual for an aspiring knight of the time, Sir Ector was adamant that he learned skills from those below his station as much as above him. So, despite his royal heritage, Arthur was quickly taught humility and earned a meagre wage.    At age 14, he was promoted to become Sir Kay's personal squire. As the years wore on, those unaware of his parentage were convinced that this would be his career path for life. Contemporary sources note as a youth, Arthur didn't stand out as particularly battle ready or courtly.

Accomplishments & Achievements

He led the military campaign that eventually reunited the Kingdom of Camelot under one nation. After the civil war, many once loyal dukes of the King of Camelot founded their own smaller kingdoms. Alongside Merlin and Sir Pellinore, Arthur went to war against these insurgents to reclaim his birthright.

Failures & Embarrassments

Warring between the smaller principalities continued for around half of his reign and never truly settled. It is partly due to a feud between Sir Gawain and Sir Percival's families that Sir Mordred's machinations were allowed to flourish and remained unnoticed.

Personality Characteristics

Savvies & Ineptitudes


  He knows a great deal about the daily lives of his subjects and the struggles they are accustomed to. Through his charm, affability and this insight, he's able to serve as a competent and empathetic leader of Camelot. He keeps himself updated on other countries and their affairs, whilst also making time to know the inner workings and landscapes of his own lands.

Virtues & Personality perks

"Arthur was a man of integrity, worthy of all praise. Who, if crowned King of Camelot, would have led with such purpose and generosity? Verily, not I."
— Sir Bedivere, making a speech at King Arthur's funeral
    His positive qualities are clear to see in the Knights of the Round Table, if not the whole of Camelot. Arthur forged the kingdom's memory: one of courage, mutual respect and honesty.    He was just as generous to a pauper on the streets as he would be his nobles, sometimes more so. Fort Kamelot, in the cold winters, opened its doors for the needy, giving the poor food and shelter.    He lent his possessions just as much as he did his time and advice. Though some were quick to call him naive, those who visited him appreciated his honesty, kindness and driven character. A king of the people, he was approachable and modest about his position.    This didn't just attract his poorest subjects, but also his most noble. His leadership was inspirational to the troops he led and just as moralising for those who worked alongside him in office. Arthur was always willing to hear the other side of an argument before making hasty judgements, especially with Merlin at his side. His loyalty to every one of his people, in battle or at rest, was a source of admiration for many.

Vices & Personality flaws

"That man of Camelot... even Frystoll would not freeze him - or his temper, I fear. Do all Camelan veins run red with such anger?"
Chieftain Morten of the Vards, Letter to Gjord 512
    Arthur is vindictive to those who have wronged him or people he cares about, sometimes to excess. Camelan opponents called him "War's Avatar" due to his unmerciful approach to combat. This moniker also could refer to the red tabard he wore into battle.   He also has a reputation for jealousy and envy. Though not as strong as his desire for vengeance, envy and wrath go hand in hand, especially for Arthur. Forced to mingle in a society much higher than his former means, he developed a pessimistic outlook, all too willing to see what his colleagues had - now or in the past - that he lived without. This extends to his relationships with his court, who reported his cold response to problems of nobility.   Cited as an overemotional man and prone to melodrama or exaggerating his own woes. He was also overly dependent on Merlin, his knights and public approval to maintain his mental and emotional wellbeing. He regularly: "gains a gloomy disposition, the windows to his soul veiled by his eyebrows and hands for many days".   Despite being the King of Camelot, (or perhaps because of it) Arthur is disrespectful towards most forms of authority. His belief that people's fates shouldn't be dictated by those of their parents lead to the formation of the Knights of the Round Table in its most famous incarnation. It's rumoured that this rebelliousness comes from a thinly-concealed resentment he held for being thrust into the life of a royal.


Though not overly repugnant, Arthur washed nowhere near as often as his colleagues. This difference was plain to smell after months of military campaigns, when he'd return smelling of dried blood, sweat and the countryside.    It's reported that not having a rural musk would unnerve him. He would, however, use fragrances and wash thoroughly before seeing kings or nobility not part of the Knights of the Round Table. For the latter, he spared many formalities.


Contacts & Relations

Is well-acquainted with the wise wizardMerlin, and considers him family. His Knights were chosen from close relatives or people he respects, so his loyalty to the Round Table is hard to overestimate.    He's keen to please his wife, Guinevere, at every opportunity.

Family Ties

Uther Pendragon and Ingraine were his parents. Sir Kay is his adoptive brother and Sir Ector his adoptive father. His half-sister is Morgan le Fay.

Religious Views

Though not zealous in devotion, he regularly prayed and visited shrines, if only to believe that a lowly squire could be crowned King of Camelot. Praying was also a regular squire past time, compulsory to be knighted.    He wasn't overly invested in The Four Horsemen, instead focusing his worship on the saints. "Pray for hope and despair will have nowhere to rest," was his policy.

Social Aptitude

Arthur can speak with conviction and passion on almost any topic. He can be surprisingly persuasive, catching nobles and peasants alike off-guard with how he can have such a amiable personality yet somehow remain assertive. Though so intense and austere in battle, he keeps jovial and friendly at court.    Known to have an infectious laugh, especially when telling jokes. Try as he might, Arthur can't keep in a chuckle should something amuse him. Not shy to share time with servants, vagrants and fellow kings alike, "good humour jumps upon his visitors like fleas", an ambassador notably observed.


Arthur and Sir Kay share hand gestures that mean the most obscene words from when they were younger. These are regular cause for confusion in court, though they pay little mind to other people's reactions.


Though he attempts to keep a professional veneer, he can't maintain polite language all day. After a few hours, conversations devolve into more casual affairs, filled to the brim with swearing, slang his nobility have little grasp of and back-handed compliments.    Talking to Arthur when drunk is near impossible. If he weren't slurring, it's clear that everything he says is off the top of his head and with little structure. Worst of all, he'll talk louder when someone interrupts him.



Mentor (Important)

Towards Arthur Pendragon




Arthur Pendragon

Pupil (Vital)

Towards Merlin





Merlin was charged with taking care of Arthur on behalf of his father, since the castle he was born was being raided by dangerous opposition. He put him into the care of Sir Kay and Sir Ector, who served as adoptive family until their reunion upon Arthur's coronation. Since then, they've been inseparable and vital allies for one another, with Merlin carefully advising him on how to rule effectively as king.

Lawful Good
Date of Birth
7th of Torridan (July)
485 537 52 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Through much grovelling and intervention from Merlin.
Circumstances of Death
Died from wounds sustained in the Battle of Camlann on the island of Avalon.
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Wants to be seen as a man and therefore masculine. (he / him)
Dark blue
Shoulder-length, blonde
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
One of the few Kings of Camelot proficient in Latin, he could read the same books as his tutor, Merlin.
Previously Held Ranks & Titles

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