Spell: Change Gravity


This spell allows the magician to affect how gravity works between two or more objects. Most commonly this affects the gravitic connection, causing an object other than the world to become "down".  


Gravity changes happen via one of two different methods:  


A magician can affect gravity by changing the fundamental principle of gravity, allowing the attraction between a target object to be greater to some other source object than to the world (or other large gravity well).  

Common Side Effect

A common side effect of this type of Knowledge spell is that the change to gravity can have wider or stronger effects than intended. Additionally, without changing the gravity against the world, this may lead to a "diagonal" type of gravity, where the target is attracted to two different places.  


A magician can affect gravity by changing the density or relative density of object(s).  

Common Side Effects

A common side effect of this type of Fortitude spell would be to cause items to float or compress into the world. Additionally, this may cause increased firmness and may take more or less effort to move objects.  

Relevant Science

Increased knowledge of gravity beyond recognition that "things fall" is necessary to be more specific in how the spell works and avoid unwanted side effects.  

Fundamental Principles

Gravity is the fundamental principle of this type of spell.  

Preventative Knowledge

The more understanding of gravity, the easier it is to counter another magician's spell of this type.


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