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Gliss Home

Kelle Gliss and his wife Roabel moved to a new house as Guines and their family both grew.   The rooms of the home consist of:
  • Main Room
  • The main room is a space where the family and visitors can gather and spend their time.
  • Dining Room
  • The dining room is the most-used shared room in the house. As the family grew older, the children and parents all began spending most of their time away from the house -- their time at home is largely around either sleeping or eating.
  • Kitchen
  • Roabel Gliss spends time in the kitchen preparing food for the family.
  • Parent's Bedroom
  • Boy's Bedroom
  • Veria's Bedroom
  • Before Veria was born, her bedroom was a bedroom so the boys did not need to share as much space. After she was born, however, she was given her own room, moving the boys together.


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