Dance as an artform and social skill are important on Murriet. Dance on its own is used for social reasons, allowing people the opportunity to mix and mingle in a controlled environment. This gives the younger generations the opportunity to spend "quality time" with members of the opposite sex in a controlled, public environment.   Dance is also used for political reasons, both as an opportunity for discreet meetings and discussions in public places, but also as a way of announcing partnerships and alliances, snubbing rivals, and creating bonds.   Centuries after the invention of Lexology, the ideas used in Lexology to define magical spells are applied to dance, allowing dancing to be used to cast spells.



Creativity is used to improvise dances in response to the actions of a partner, the music, or anything else going on.


Fortitude is used for stamina to be able to dance long dances or multiple dances in a row. It is used for grounding and stability to maintain control when things unexpectedly occur.


Knowledge is used in memorizing complex dances.


Might is used for strength when doing lifts, dips, or other moves that require extra effort.


Quickness is used to match changes in the external circumstances--changing footing as the music changes unexpectely or recovering when a partner makes a misstep.


Senses is used to keep an overall awareness of the room, preventing missteps and avoiding the other spinning people on the dance floor.


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