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The Naomi Tiefling

Naomi stands amidst a set of flames in every direction. She has been here before. Last time, she heard a voice from her mother Ariel. This time, there is no such voice. The flames do not hurt her, but she comes upon a clearing, alongside a vision of herself. One with pointed horns and dark skin.
"What's going on? Who are you?! What do you look like me?!" Naomi yells at the twisted vision.
"Why? Because... I am you. At least... Are you me?" The tiefling responds.
"what?? I'm me! You're you!"
"But why are we not us?"
Naomi scoffs. "Because I'm not a tiefling, I'm an Aasimar. Just like my mothers."
"But... Momma was a devil. So... I'm a tiefling. And you are an Aasimar. Two sides of one coin." The tiefling says, her lithe tail swishing behind her.
Naomi frowns. "Momma? Which one."
"Ariel. Remember the story about the fallen angel regaining her wings?"
"D-don't say that. Mother Ariel is as kind and unmarred by evil as can be."
"With the screams that came out of mommas room when they were alone? You think she learned that in heaven?" The tiefling says, stepping closer to Naomi.

Naomi stays quiet for a moment. "So what, that doesn't change that I'm a pureblooded Aasimar. How do you explain that?!"
"Are you?" Says the Tiefling, standing face to face with Naomi.
Naomi bites her lip, lost in thought about all of the things she has been feeling since the sky was eaten. She squats down and hides her head in her arms. "S-shut up. What do you know." She pouts.
Tiefling Naomi knees down before Naomi. "Only what you refuse to know." She says before embracing Naomi. With it just being a dream, Naomi feels no physical interaction, but she feels her likeness' emotions just the same. One of companionship and love.
It was then that Naomi awakens, breathing heavily, and sweating in fear.

This takes place in Naomi's dreams on Poviot 27-28 625. It was vivid enough that Naomi ensured to write it down for posterity.


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