Master of the wilderness, and the boss of ones own self. This adventuring profession is considered to be one of the ultimate generalists.



In order to meet the qualifications of becoming a Ranger, a prospect must meet certain mental criteria.

  • Willingness to study specific creatures for extreme amounts of time.
  • Willingness to traverse the wilds, surviving, and thriving in environments outside of city life
Past those two qualifications, its more of the rangers mental state to keep on practicing. Anyone could become a ranger really, they just have to reach out and grasp at the opportunity.

Career Progression

Because being a ranger is a personal job, it usually falls upon the ranger themselves to give themselves renown in their career. Because of this, they will usually take as many jobs as they can, and throw out names for themselves quite quickly.

Payment & Reimbursement

Like most other adventurers, Rangers themselves are more of a lifestyle than a career path. However, rangers are adept at many different types of professions, fram trackers to bounty hunters, to animal trainers. Usually they get paid on a case by case scenario.

Other Benefits

With a rangers great practice into the natural world itself, he starts to gain benefits similar to that of druids, which again, only comes with practice, and from studying the natural world around him.



Rangers in society will usually fill any gap between civilization, and the wilderness. Because of this, there are quite a few rangers in society itself, but they are especially prevalent in smaller cities.

Social Status

Unusually netural. Rangers can come from military backgrounds or solitary masters. Usually the background of the ranger is more telling than the ranger themselves.


Usually less than 1% of any population is a ranger, unless you get into small communities of less than 50 people, or into elf lands, in which case one may find quite a few rangers scattered among the populace.


As rangers usually operated via a word of mouth training system instead of written, the practice is said to have survived for over a thousand years without issue, due to terrasque consuming the history of the world having a good chance to avoid them. It is even rumored that the majority of kings after the collapse were rangers, though these rumors are unfounded.



Because of the interesting nature of rangers and their training, a ranger will usually carry a backpack with a water skin, a bedroll, a sack, and a flint and steel. More of ten than not, a ranger will usually wear studded leather armor when starting out, though they may upgrade to better armor (maybe magical) later on in life. Otherwise, the ranger will usually also carry a long or short sword as well. Sometimes both. And finally, they will almost always be seen wielding a longbow with a quiver of arrows.


Food is essential, though a ranger can usually find enough for himself on his own. Otherwise, arrows and a whetstone can be very helpful for a ranger as well.


Rangers prefer the outdoors, and so, they are always seen outdoors.

Provided Services

Because a ranger is a very good generalist, he provides many services outside of the city, as follows:

  • Animal Training
  • Guide
  • Mercenary Work
  • Scouting
  • Spellcasting
  • Tracking
  • Trapping
  • Wild Produce collection

Dangers & Hazards

As with all adventuring professions, this is considered one of the most hazardous of them all, as rangers who do not group up with other adventurers, are prone to dangerous hazards.

Alternative Names
Bounty Hunter, Slayer, Hunter, Trapper, Adventurer, Swordsman, Bowman, Detective
Agricultural / Fishing / Forestry
Being a ranger is completely legal in every corner of the world.
Famous in the Field
Ranger Class Information


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