In the world as we know it, discovered or not, there exists 6 types of radiation. Each type is listed below in order of natural power from weakest to strongest.

Electromagnetic Radiation

Defined as anything moving at the speed of light, electromagnetic radiation contains the entire spectrum of light. Electromagnetic Radiation can be interpreted as both a wave and a line, working on a universal scale.

Particle Radiation

Defined as sub atomic particles transfering energy at high speeds. Usually displayed similar to that of fire or an exploding star in the sky. This type of radiation is interpreted as a wave in sub atomic scale, working on a cosmic level.

Acoustic Radiation

Also known as sound, this type of radiation is the transfer of energy through a medium, such as air or water. This radiation is interpreted as a ripple in said medium.

Arcane Radiation

Can also be called Corruption, the Fade, or other similar effects. Arcane radiation is an overarching term for magical effects even from those who are so corruptedly evil, they cause the environment around them to warp and distort. Arcane radiation can be interpreted as ripples in the fabric of the weave.

Psychic Radiation

A natural radiation from those who were given the gift of psionics, Powers usually leach out into the environment for various, always random, always dangerous effects, to the point where psionicists have fled to their own realm, to ensure the safety of themselves and others. It can be interpreted as a ripple in the fabric of reality.

Gravitational Radiation

Arguably the most powerful radiation in the universe, it is what keeps your feet to the ground, and allthough arcane and psychic radiation can overcome this gravity in most cases, even permanent arcane radiation is not as absolute as gravitational, and it will fail over time. Gravitational radiation can be interpreted as a ripple in the fabric of space and time.



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