Pumpkin Tossing Contest

In quite a few places around the world, there is some form of contest dedicated to throwing the largest of fruits the furthest of distances in a single try. Currently, the most popular of these sports is the Pumpkin Tossing contest, located throughout the eastern lands.


Pumpkin tossing competitions are always hosted by a resident farmer, making enough pumpkins to allow a quarter of the local population a shot at the contest. To maintain a sense of fairness and avoid cheating during the event, contestants are brought into a field and blindfolded, and turned around numerous times in order to pick out a random pumpkin.contestants pick their pumpkin as the first pumpkin they touch after being told to go. If a contestant cant pick up the pumpkin to toss it, they are immediately disqualified. After grabbing the pumpkin, they then go and attempt to toss it as far as they can. Points are scored by the weight of the pumpkin, multiplied by the feet the pumpkin is thrown. Whoever has the most points at the end of the festival wins the grand prize!


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