Mined from Iramen in the impossible mountains, the metal has interesting properties in keeping its sharp edges even sharper than normal metals.


Physical Characteristics

As an unassuing metal, it gives off a copper rust green tinge, though no matter how much one polishes it, it never quite gives off a shine, always the same, sickly green color.


Irametal always gives off its strange power, and allthough as an ore or ingot it is identicle to that of iron, When formed into a point, it always seems to get a much finer edge than metals of the same strength. In addition, the metal holds heat for half as long as iron, making it more difficult to forge properly.

Geology & Geography

The metal is only found in the impossible mountains along the edge of Iramen. It is mined deep within the mountains themselves, so obtaining it is fairly difficult as the layer is completely overrun with war most of the time. In some cases, if a large enough explosion were to be formed from the plane, chunks of this metal may fly off into the world to be found as a meteor, ready for harvesting. However, these meteors are always surrounded with evil corruption, and harvesting the meteor can be dangerous.

Life & Expiration

It is unknown when Irametal will lose its consistency, as it does not rust thanks to the conditions of the world. As such, it is expected that Irametal will last as long as iron weapons do without issue.

History & Usage


Allthough original reccords have dissapeared from existance since the last consumption, it is assumed that the metals have been very prolific as they make up over half of the city of Dis, the largest city in the cosmos. It is possible that it is because the impossible mountains are infinite, that so too is this resource.

Everyday use

In Infernium it is used as a common building material and as an especially prolific weapon material. Outside of hell however, it is a very rare, hard to work material that is fantastic at making the sharpest of weapons.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Nyoka Mungu have gained a sizable amount of Irametal, but use it for all weapons in order to fight each other, and those their demonic masters demand them too.

Industrial Use

in Infernium it is used on the 2nd layer to build the great city, and is most commonly harvested from the liquid metals of Liboscula.


After mining it from its source, in every case it does need to be smelted from its ore and put into its shape fairly quickly. This does require extreme amounts of heat however in order to get it smelted properly.

Manufacturing & Products

Metalic Weaponry, or additions to wooden weaponry.

Byproducts & Sideproducts

Unless gathered in its purest form in Infernium on liboscula, Irametal will always produce slag similar to iron ore.


Allthough it is not proven, It is said that inhaling fumes from a smeltery cause a desire for harm against others. But these are just unfounded urban legends.

Enviromental Impact

Though not noticable by any immediate effect, places who use Irametal on a regular basis can expect devil chills either on themselves, or anyone within a mile of the foundry.

Reusability & Recycling

Yes, if a weapon is broken it can be repaired just like iron, but it requires much more heat. In most cases, a weapon is better off smelted down to create different weapons when it is broken.


Trade & Market

Inside the realms of Infernium this metal is extremely common. However, outside of the hells, one would find it to be extremely difficult to come by, as it is either extremely rare to come upon naturally, or requires sacrificial rites in order to summon from another realm.


Standard metal storage, alltough security might be tighter due to the rarity of the metal.

Law & Regulation

The metal is completely banned in most theocratic societies, save for ones that worship evil deities.

+1000gp to the cost of a weapon.
Very Rare to Rare
Metalic with a bit of coppery rust.
Dull coppery green
Boiling / Condensation Point
Melting / Freezing Point
Common State
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