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Happiness to Heartbreak

Once there was a girl of the grove,

her home was a marvelous trove,

But one day she left,

wings fluttering deft,

to find a man with a stove.

She found the man in a field,

with bushes of berries it yield.

So handsome and strong,

it didn't take long,

before her love had been sealed.

They spent a long time together,

through good times, and bad weather,

until one day he takes ill,

and his heart it went still,

and her silk heart turned into leather.

In tears she ran back to her home,

and spent years to study her tome,

she became distressed,

and followed her quest,

till from madness her mouth did foam.

Should one meet the mistress of night,

be carefull, and treat her just right,

She'll poke out your eyes,

and feed you to flies,

and finish you off with no slight.

That is the story of the hag,

Children from their cribs does she snag.

She eats them at night,

with single a bite,

or sometimes turns them into stag.

Heed the warning of these details,

else you die by hags fingernails.

She kills for pleasure,

to protect treasure.

Just steer clear away from her trails


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