Tinkering with the fundimental workings of magic itself, Artificers understand magic at its most basic level. They have amazing facility with magical items and constructs, and keep the world of technology and magic together, and alive.



Becoming an artificer requires many hard years of study and training, usualy in similar colleges as wizards.

Career Progression

There are two ways that an artificer might become more renown. Usually this is from fairs where local crafters show off their newest creations, but others might become adventurers, giving themselves a boost above all other competition.

Payment & Reimbursement

Because artificers can work in extreme different types of environments, Artificers are usually payed on a case by case basis for items created and sold to who needs them. However, as a possible adventurer, they also gain coin through quests, or various other means.

Other Benefits

Being an artificer can grant numerous benefits. Because of the large amount of adventurers requiring magical items, artificers are always in high demand, and their names spread quite quickly. Due to their mastery over mechanical constructs, they are also in high demand for technological advancement as well, leading the charge towards the future.



Aritificers perform rolls in society more advanced than your standard blacksmith or shopkeep. their abilities make perfect items very capable with the lowered technology of the times.

Social Status

Allthough blacksmiths and similar crafters are looked down on as peasents, even the poorest and least worked of artificers are considered as part of the merchant class. They are looked up on by the lower in society, and looked down on by the nobility. However, there are quite a few artificers of the noble class as well, who find a decent foothold in any society and are admired by many, and feared by more for their power in physical, and social situations.

Alternative Names
Low, because magical items are not affordable by the commonfolk
Artificer Mechanics


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