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Shatter Oaf

Shatter Oaf's are hulking creatures composed of living pieces of broken stone  shot through with shattered pieces of ancient statuary formed into. No one knows if the shatter oafs are naturally occurring magical creatures or constructed beings. If they are naturally occurring creatures why do they contain pieces of worked stone? If they are constructed creatures who made them and to what end. The most asked question of these creatures however is why are they awakening now? The creatures themselves seem relatively docile and aimless. They are strangely curious about specific objects particularly worked stone monuments, and objects. These objects range wildly in size and purpose and a shatter oaf is just as likely to be come fascinated with a head stone, as it is with a stone bench or millstone. Some people say this is because they are trying to remember their original shape or purpose, if true the implications are astounding. Shatter oafs may become violent if they are  roughly interrupted from their object fascination and it is generally best to leave them be though reasonable fears exist that one of these creatures may damage a critical component of something like a dam with catastrophic results, luckily these creatures are rare and are only found in the wilder areas of Pond. Shatter oafs will fight back if provoked though they will rarely peruse such provocateur's very far.      These hulking creatures stand between 10 and twelve feet tall and are vaguely humanoid in shape with a rough and jagged silhouette complete with rudimentary facial features consisting of two eyes represented by dark sockets with rough edges and a jagged approximation of a mouth. complete with rudimentary facial features consisting of two eyes represented by dark sockets with rough edges and a jagged approximation of a mouth The composition and form of the shatter oafs look like a child attempted to reassemble a statue using the broken pieces of the original but ran out of material part way through and decide to just make do with broken bits of normal rock. Shatter oafs are by no means smart but they are sentient and do posses low level child like intelligence resulting in their name. When not in action they lay dormant and appear as nothing more than piles of broken rock. One of the current theories is that for whatever reason they have been in this form of dormancy for a long enough to be forgotten. The competing theory is that these creatures are newly arrived to the world and still trying to find their place.


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