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Night Eye

Night Eye is a condition some merrow are born with where instead of having normal eyes they are born with black shark like eyes. This condition is considered a stigma by  merrow who see it as a throw back to a more savage ancient merrow subgroup that went extinct long ago. Individuals with this abnormality are generally referred to as Night Eyes and viewed as untrustworthy, less emotionally complex, and more prone to violent actions. However Night Eyes are also associated with having high magical potential, extreme cunning, and being deeply talented craftsman. These perceived traits are often self propagating while some do have merit. For example individuals with Nigh Eye are considered untrustworthy because the black eyes make them harder to read, for the same reason they are also viewed as less emotionally complex. In turn these views often lead to emotional sometimes violent outbursts from the afflicted merrow and feed the perceived notion. There is however some truth in the theories that merrows with Night Eye do possess more magical potential and are more connected to the world around them.    The perception of these merrow varies with community but generally those that often interact with merrow hold the same view while those farther away from merrow dwellings may not even know that the condition exists. The major exception to these views among people that regularly interact with merrow, is that of the lanky mudfolk who live in the swamps and marshes around the lake and are in semi regular contact with the merrow. They put no stock in the merrow belief which is similar to how they view many aspects of merrow society, particularly when it comes to the merrows penchant for complex philosophy and debates there of.   Despite all of their philosophical and societal complexity the existence of  individuals with Night Eye is a constant reminder that the philosophical and sophisticated merrow of the modern day were not always so. That in the distant past there existed an off shoot that was savage, brutal, and cunning. This condition is a constant reminder that maybe that past isn't as far gone or deeply buried as they would like it to be. Maybe it still lurks just below the surface, just beneath the veneer of civility.

Transmission & Vectors







Cosmetic abnormality to the eyes.



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