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Amber Flat

Amber Flat at first looks to be a strange amber colored calm pond. Once approached however it is actual a pond shaped plain of solid amber smoothed flat across the top. There are many theories as to how this strange natural wonder came about. You can walk out on top of the strange glass like lake with no trouble, the surface is like walking on a piece of smooth glass as one would expect. The environment around the lake is perfectly normal with no indications of how this wonder may have come to be.   The pond itself is quite beautiful particularly at sunrise and sunset when it refracts the light and cast the area in a warm deep yellow glow. Looking down into Amber Flat you can see various plants and debris stuck in place as if frozen in time. Small fish and amphibians are also locked in the timeless warm yellow glow. Some people say that if you peer down into the very middle of the lake you can see the shadowy form of something indistinct but significantly larger than anything else locked in the pool and that if you look long enough you might see it move ever so slightly. Other people report seeing nothing of kind and say that it's likely just the light or an imperfection in the gem. No one has determined how deep the pond is or even if it is solid all the way through. In fact much of Amber Flat remains a mystery simply because no one wants to damage the natural beauty of the formation. Whatever may have caused it and despite all the unknowns about it Amber Flat has become an enticing camping destination with some people even choosing to sleep directly on top of the pool itself.
Lake, Dry


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5 Aug, 2022 09:47

This is a fascinating idea! It makes sense that people don't dare to examine it further for fear of damaging the natural wonder. It really sounds like a beautiful sight, it would be a shame if it was destroyed by such investigations. Also, the lack of explanation adds a lot to the charm of this place.

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6 Aug, 2022 01:23

This is such a great mental image. Fantastical, beautiful and almost real in the way you explained it. 10/10 would absolutely camp next to an entire lake made of amber. You could spend a whole year just looking into its depths trying to figure out what's going on.

8 Aug, 2022 20:43

What a lovely place! I would definitely camp out for a day and try to spot a creature moving within!   My favourite part was without a doubt this little detail:

In fact much of Amber Flat remains a mystery simply because one one wants to damage the natural beauty of the formation