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Sukilzvi Clock

During The Sukilzvi it is hard to keep track of time, due to the constant darkness. Since no stars are visible for the entire month, it is impossible to keep track of time through astrological means, thus the Sukilzvi Clock was invented.
The dwarves from The Copadurian Empire of whom most live underground, are used to keep track of time without using the sky for reference, as such, they have numerous mechanical devices that help them.


Due to the complex nature of the sukilzvi clock, it's quite an expensive piece of equipment, thus not owned by many.
In Erekiath, The Council of Elders of Aurora provides all sanctioned settlements with at least one Sukilzvi clock, as keeping track of time can be crucial in the daily work, although daily work during The Sukilzvi is generally somewhat limited.


The most common design is a cuboid shape that measures about 50x20x10 cm (length, width, height). At one end of the cuboid, there's a windup key that starts the entire clock. It needs to be turned until it can't go any further. This will make the clock run for 28 full days - a full month.
On top of the cuboid on the large surface, is 28 smaller keys that all turn synchronously. It takes one day for the keys to turn a full round, making it possible to estimate the time of day based on the rotation of the keys. After a day has passed, the first key, usually the upper left, with the windup key pointing left, will be released and spin into a vertical position, locking in place, indicating that a full day has passed. Every subsequent day, another key will spin to a vertical position and lock in place, making it possible to count how many days have passed, since the clock was wound up.
Some Sukilzvi clocks also have markings on them, like numbers next to each of the keys, to quickly identify how many days have passed, and sometimes even the name of the days.


In the The Snowy Peaks / The Copadurian Empire some dwarves specializes in mechanical constructions. They are commonly known as tinkerers. Some of those specialize in making clocks, including Sukilzvi clocks.
A Sukilzvi clock comes in different sizes and complexities, but the most common design takes a skilled tinkerer about 100 hours to craft, assuming they have all the required parts at hand.

A simple Sukilzvi Clock

The Copadurian Empire
Access & Availability
Very rare, due to price and availability of tinkerers.
Requires special skills and custom made gears.


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