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Rovers' signs

A coded system of signs to allow other travelers to be prepared on what awaits ahead in the road and to leave messages to other Rovers.

Geographical Distribution

These signs can be find in the wilderness of Phaldorya in any place that is frequented by Rovers, that is everywhere except town and cities.


The Rovers' signs are a "non verbal" language of signs made in most of the case to blend with the enviroment in order to pass entirely unboserved to untrained eyes. They comprise general road indications, danger signals, naturalistic informations, orders or advices. They are generally made with natural materials such as sticks, grass, stones or pebbles. Other techniques commonly used are scent tracks, using something with a peculiar smell to indicate a path to follow, and temperature or light responsive signs, for example made with materials that will shine in the dark. In most of the cases, the signs are fairly easy do understand, but a well trained rover can make them easy to spot only to whom they were intended for, for example an arrow that over a branch of a fork it pretty easy to understand that indicates the best track from that point but very often those signs are hidden well enough to be easy to notice only for another trained rover. Some other signs are more complex and make actually sense only for a person that understand his meaning, for example a circle with a number of wavy lines indicated a source of water that is good to drink, while a square with the same wavy lines indicates a source of water not suitable to be drank, in knowledge you may find the difference between life and death. Furthermore, some of this signs may help to locate some written form of message, usually involving a certain level of cryptography.


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