The term hybrid, often substituted by the derogatory term half-blood, identifies an individual born from two different species that often presents a mixed phenotype between the two parental species. Occasionally, the hybrid can present hybrid vigor becoming better in a specific aspect than both its parents. In Phaldoryan society, they are usually isolated from their parents' respective civilisations, having to carve out a space for themselves on the fringes of society. Only some humanoids species can mix together to produce living off-spring, specifically humans and elves and humans and orcs.

I never knew my biological parents, and I was never surprised that they did not want to raise a half-orc. I was raised as an oblate of Be Chuille, the other children first bullied me and then, when I became much bigger than them, feared and treated me with reverence. Inquisition is all I know, there is nothing for me out there and yet every now and then I am seized with the desire to know if my parents ever wanted to know what has happened to me.
— Irabeth Wheeler, inquisitor half-orc.



Half-orcs are the offspring of a male orc with a human female, or more rarely of a male human with a orc female. Adult half-orcs have usually found a niche with human society, because within brutal orc society, since they grow slower than other orcs, they rarely reach adulthood. Even in human society, often they are disparaged and relegated to a life of delinquency and crime, where they superior strength and size can even turn out to be an advantage.

Grown in the harbor-town of Northaven, the other children used to mistreat me, calling me names and throwing rocks at me. I hated my mother for generating a half-blood like me, until I discovered that my superior nimbleness could be an advantage.
— Yelsan Dahn, formerly a half-elf thug now a wandering monk.



Half-elves are luckier in compare with the other kind of humanoid half-blood, however even them are generally treated with contempt by either of their parental society. Elves consider mixed blood as tainted and although they are grown up with a certain degree of respect they are often called guilty if something wrong occurs in they settlement they live, especially when they start to show signs of their human blood such as moustaches or beard. In the human society, they are badly treated while they are growing up until they can learn how to appear more human (i.e. hiding the tip of their ears, growing a beard to hide their lineaments etc...). In general, as adult they learn how to use their natural bond with nature at advantage making a living as explorers or, if they nature is more villanous, as bandits.



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