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Amos Dark

Admiral Amos Dark (a.k.a. The tiger of the sea)

A notorious pirate whose deeds are even superior to the legends.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

The sea tiger is a really fit person, although his strength relays mostly on agility and skill. Very tall for a Hintadu person, he can appear rather imposing from is 1.80m of height. Despite a well developed muscle structure Amos is fairly slender in the complex.

Facial Features

The characteristic that immediately strikes observers is the magnetic look of his eyes, the deep green of the irises contrast with the darkness of his hair and beard making him look shady and dangerous.

Identifying Characteristics

Needing to pass under false identity in a number of missions he has taken care to spread false voices of identifying signs that actually are correct. Therefore people originary from different areas of Phaldorya report different features that will allow to identify without error the Sea Tiger, unfortunately they were artfully created to grant him safety from arrest.

Special abilities

Amos is a skillful acrobat, granting him a safe stance during fights on board. He uses piroettes and somersaults to bewilder his opponents. If forced by a superior opponent he will not spare any tricks during a fight, being a pirate he doens't care to be called cheater.

Apparel & Accessories

Having assaulted many a vessel and obtained a large amount of treasures, Amos can display a vast collection of jewelry. Often he decorated his long curly strands with hair rings of silver or gold, with gems. He loves traditional rings too, occasionaly with cavities to carry poison or medicine inside them.

Specialized Equipment

One of the characteristic object that may allow to identify the Sea Tiger, only if someone has had the chance to fight with him and recount the story, is his decorated rapier with a silver hilt in shape of a stylized tiger. All other pieces of equipment are often changed to reduce the risk of identification.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Son to a Saythian merchant and an hintadu princess, he was raised as the heir to the title until, when the armies of Toiag Bloodcleaver started to raid the east, he was sent in secret on a ship toward Saythian. It's not clear if he was betrayed by some political opponent, but the ship that should have took him to sanctuary in Phaldorya was captured by the Tenacious the ship of the Saynué's scourge Black Jack. The poise and courage shown by the prince, not only saved his life but won the respect of the famous pirate captain, that started to raise him as his own child. From him he learned to fight, navigate using the starry sky and, most important of all, a deep knwoledge of the Saynué with its dangers and shoals. Amos didn't wanted to challenge Jack to duel, but he was him to suggest that option knowing that otherwise someone else would because he was getting older and their relationship was deplored by other pirates. The rules for the challenge were, unsurprisingly, unbloody he was challenged at a game of dice because Jack said that fortune was one of the most important skills for a pirate. Amos won the game becoming the new Scourge, just to be immediately challenged by other captains who considered themselves more suited for the task, he challenged them to duel one after one, then making them walk the plank in order to get rid of vengeful rivals. At the present, he is still uncontested in his ruling.

Currently Boarded Vehicle
Other Ethnicities/Cultures

Magnetic green


Long, fuzzy, raven black

Skin Tone/Pigmentation

Olive skin, unblemished despite the sun exposure





Owned Vehicles


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Jul 21, 2021 18:49 by Time Bender

Ooh, Amos sounds quite dignified, and yet still fierce enough to be a pirate! I'm glad he didn't make the pirate who raised him walk the plank, that would be rather heartbreaking. Great work! :)

Jul 21, 2021 19:34 by Luca Poddighe

I need actually to complete the story, but Amos isn't responsible of Jack's death.

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