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Daedalus Stream Chats


Screen 1:
  • Double check the feeds
  • Devices connected to the router
  • "Look for the captain's room when your done"
Follow the host and follow their direction. Unless there is something too exciting to miss.
Viewers d300 Subscribers 100d9000 Patrons 12d15
Screen 3:
Total Donations: 12d20 Stells

Captain's Quarters

Screen 1:
  • "Getting some static. Check the connections, when you get a chance."
  • "Take 10 minutes to make a circuit of the quarters."
Viewers 10d500 Subscribers 100d9000 Patrons d500
Screen 3:
  • "Grab a souvenir"
  • "Looks like my parents' room"
  • "Livin' large"
  • "This guy looks nervous"
Total Donations: 4d1000 Stells


Screen 1:
  • "Walk around the hole"
  • "What's in the pit! Let me know ASAP!"
  • "Monitors' good"
Viewers 9d100 Subscribers 10d9000 Patrons d400
Screen 3:
  • "Use it! Use it!"
  • "What is that near the railing?"
  • "I'm going to be sick"
  • "Get closer"
Total Donations: d3000 Stells
Spinal Cord

Entertainment Center

Screen 1:
  • "We're almost there"
  • "Can you two get the cameras back up?"
Viewers 14d1000 Subscribers 90d100 Patrons 1d1000
Screen 3:
  • "This place still looks great"
  • "Is anyone else hearing a buzzing sound?"
  • "I have a bad feeling bout this"
  • "Well damn"
Total Donations: 11d1000 Stells

Rail System

Screen 1:
  • "This is amazing. We just got a super donation"
Viewers 16d1000 Subscribers 100d1000 Patrons 12d100
Screen 3:
Total Donations: 20d100 Stells
  A vertical layout of interconnected corridors from bow to stern.

Vehicle | Dec 11, 2022
— These chats are part of a sequel plot to "Escape the Leviathan"
(not yet released)


Screen 1:
  • Cycle between different feeds
  • "Replace the old repeater before moving on"
  • "People are asking to see the engines:
Viewers d500 Subscribers 10d90 Patrons d400
Screen 3:
  • "Shoot it, shoot it! Kill it with fire!"
  • "Eat one!!"
  • "Don't be mean"
  • "I'll get another d100 stells if u pit it in your mouth"
  • "Yummy"
Total Donations: d1000 Stells
The Heart

Generator Room

Screen 1:
  • "Focus on the Feed"
  • "Get close-ups if you can"
  • "Looking Good"
Viewers d800 Subscribers 100d9000 Patrons 400
Screen 3:
  • "Are there still bodies?"
  • "WWWHooooa"
  • "Is that real"
  • "Hellllllll"
Total Donations: d3000 Stells
  For when the stream drops.
Outside Medical


Screen 1:
  • "Signal is operating as expected"
  • "Have the host give a presentation. Take it slow"
  • "Once you're done, split up. I'll keep you connected."

Viewers d1000 Subscribers 90d100 Patrons d400
Screen 3:
  • "Sucks to be them"
  • "Watch out"
  • "I know you won't ever catch me in a place like this"
  • "This just screams setup. Why would they ever do that?"
  • "Sick 'em boy"
Total Donations: 9d100 Stells
Medical 1


Screen 1:
  • " keep it moving people. Most people are only here for the heart"
  • Double check the feed. There's some kind of chatter in the background.

Viewers 8d1000 Subscribers 90d100 Patrons d500
Screen 3:
  • "You guys don't look so good"
  • "These guys are just fearless"
  • "I keep seeing things in the dark"
  • "Oh, I thought it was just me"
  • "I'll give you d200 if you climb up the cabinets"
Total Donations: 9d500 Stells
Medical 2


Screen 1:
  • "I know we need to keep safe, but people are upping their donations because of the madness"

Viewers 80d100 Subscribers 90d100 Patrons 7d100
Screen 3:
  • "Is that blood? There's still blood in here?"
  • "I need to get to sleep, but I can't stop watching"
  • "This has all been the best so far"
  • "What's up with these people"
  • "Doing great"
Total Donations: 8d1000 Stells
Medical 3

Hidden Room

Screen 1:
  • "No one's seen this before! Get the host in there!"

Viewers 10d1000 Subscribers 90d1000 Patrons 4d200
Screen 3:
  • "What are those on the wall?"
  • "Can't stop watching"
  • "What's everyone's thoughts on this?"
  • "Well find it"
  • "Hell yeah!"
Total Donations: 10d1000 Stells
  A centrifugal layout that rings around itself and a prominent doorway with the cafeteria.


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