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An Affineur is a specialist Cheesemeister. Not every Cheesemeister will become an Affineur.   Affineurs have specific scopes that the cover within the Society.   Some prominent Affineurs include:
  • Affineur of Genera - in charge of categorization, organization and other duties to ensure information can be found
  • Affineur of Geneology - tracks the breeding of cattle and the resulting offspring qualities, such as milk production, meat and leather quality, size and weight, etc.
  • Affineur of Runic Knowledge - a oosition only known to the other affineurs and the curdologist and wheylings under his perview, studys the rocks and formations of the Cheese Cave itself, manages the creation and distribution of counterfeit runes throughout Dairy
  • Affineur of Moonrise - specific leader of Moonrise cheeses
  • Affineur of Stardust - specific leader of Stardust cheeses


Affineurs must be full Cheesemeister for at least 10 years, and be considered an adult, unless there is full agreement by the current Affineurs that this Cheesemeister will improve the Society so much that the restriction can be waived.   For example, the youngest Affineur ever was 14 years old. Due to an injury when he was young, he was unable to work his family's farm and showed an afinity for books and knowledge. He became a full Cheesemeister at 10, and by the age of 12 had categorized the entire Cheese Cellar library and was beginning to build a system that could be used to quickly cross-reference other books. He became the first Affineur of Genera, and went on to build the Cheese Codex and cattle breeding tables still in use to this day.


Affineurs recieve a stipend from the Society from the work they do internally. They also have an increased rate of pay when working in the community.
Religious, Political
Source of Authority
Approved to the position by the Grand Affineur and other current Affineurs
Length of Term
Until retirement, death of a "loss of confidence" vote
Reports directly to
Related Locations
Related Organizations

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