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Protective Enchanment

One of the most basic uses for Magic. One that can give even those who are not born with the potential to be Mages a purpose.
— Master Helenia
  Magic is not only constrained to the Elements for Mana itself has no real form. It permeates all of existence and it is up to those who are able to manipulate it to decide for which purpose they want to use this ethereal energy.  


  An enchantment can be cast on any object that is not already influenced by Mana in any way. It should be noted however that the more specialized and/or powerful an enchantment, the more complicated the process.   Once cast a slight green glow (intensity depends on strength of the spell) will signify success. A protective enchantment will create a thin sheet of Mana around the object. While normally thinner than a finger, it will make the object (usually a shield, piece of armour or weapon) nearly unbreakable. At least until the opponent manifests enough force to overwhelm it or the spell runs out.  


  A certain mastery of Arcane Magic is needed to start learning the art of Enchanting. One must have atleast become an Acolyth to start the education. Other than that there are no requirements as Arcane Magic is independent from the Elements and open to anyone able to manipulate Mana.  
It is rather easy to learn. Some people, usually those who focus more on the Destructive Aspect of Mana may have a harder time learning it but other than that its pretty simple.
— Master Helenia
Related Discipline
Arcane Magic
Related Element
Effect Duration
max. 7h
Effect Casting Time
  • focus on the Protective Aspect of Mana
  • put hand on object
  • push Mana into said object in a continous stream
  • divide Mana evenly throughout object
  • push Mana out of the object, let it flow around it
  • form a case around the object
  • ensure that the case is complete before removing your hand

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Cover image: by Michał Sałata


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