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Life Drain

Powerful. Insidious. Agonizing, And it's only a standard Spell in a Death Mages arsenal. Makes you realise why people fear this element so much doesn't it?
— Helenia teaching Yensid about Death Magic
  A Death Mages arsenal is vast. One spell more horrifying than another. One would be hard-pressed to find even a single ability which would not be considered a crime against humanity by most of the civilized world. The Life Drain is no exception.  


  A light green aura, almost invisible to the untrained eye is the only sign that the spell has been successful. Almost immediately the target will experience waves of dizziness yet be unable to move from their position. Their skin will begin to pale, their muscles or fat decrease. Their hair will wither, become grey and fall out en masse.   Two minutes later all that remains is a frail, gaunt figure. Skin drawn over weak bones, a light tap enough to break them. The spell does not kill as the death of the affected would render the absorbed Life Essence useless. The victims referred to as The Frail are then caught and locked away. At least as long as the drained essence is needed.   Some Death Mages use it to temporarily heal/strengthen themselves. Others to prolong their life via the Aetare Ritual.  


  Only Mages who are attuned to the Element of Death can use this technique. It furthermore requires a level of control over Mana commonly achieved by full Mages (although there have been exceptions). The hardest part is to acquire the needed Leech Aspect. One must first find and then subdue the Rodarian Leech, a vile and dangerous creature lurking in the deepest parts of the llian Swamp.  
Rodarian Leeches? They don't sound that dangerous.
Oh, the naivety of youth. Never and I mean Never underestimate a beast mutated by Mana. Rodarian Leeches are titanic, writhing masses of Mana infused flesh with skin harder than iron. They are driven by relentless hunger and will come at you with the force of a storm. It is a fight you will never forget.
Are there any Mana creatures that are you know...cute and fluffy?
Yeah, a few. But those will kill you in the most horrifying way imaginable.
— Yensid & Helenia
Related Discipline
Death Magic
Leech Aspect
Related Element
Effect Duration
  • focus Mana in the Rune for Death
  • move and concentrate it in your hand
  • summon the Leech Aspect
  • mix it in with the Mana
  • form hand into a claw
  • focus Mana through fingertips, let it circulate above the palm
  • focus on opponents energies, concentrate on Life Essence
  • ncrease intensity of Mana depending on resistance to the spell

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Cover image: by Sergio Roman


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