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Green Hug

Who is coming up with all these names? I mean why call it a hug?
Well with names it's simple. Who invents it, names it. And it is a hug. Bone crushing and thorny yes but still a hug.
— Yensid asking Helenia on names
  Contrary to popular opinion the arsenal of a Life Mage does not only include spells that heal and mend. The very nature around them bends to their will. Control over plantlife may not seem that impressive at first but in the right hands is just a dangerous as any other Element.  


  At first, the opponent will not notice anything happening. Prepared for whatever manner of trick the Life Mage was about to unleash they can only stare in bewilderment as no attack seems to manifest.   Only experienced Earth Mages will notice the little vibrations in the earth around them, the only warning sign of what's to come. A few seconds after it is already too late. Massive tendrils, at first glance akin to green snakes, will burst from the ground and ensnare anyone not fast enough to escape.   When the first shock has passed one may be clear enough to recognise the "snakes" as massive roots. Thicker than most men's arms and with thorns in several places they keep their victims in an iron grip. Even regular fire is not enough to burn them and most weapons will simply bounce off.  


  Unlike with other spells the main requirement for the Green Hug is not a strong affinity for the Life Element. Control over the flow of Mana is. The Mage has to control the movement of the tendrils via his Mana, by continuously pushing into the plant. If the connection is too weak the attack will dissipate. Is it too strong the Mage will be unable to target accurately.   The amount of Mana used depends on what is used as a basis for the attack. Life Mages create techniques such as the Green Hug by manipulating the growth of the plant life around them. If they use trees the Mana cost will be comparatively low. Seeds, on the other hand, require a much larger amount and only Master Rank Mages can pull it off without exhausting themselves.  
Some people may laugh at so-called "Plant Charmers" but you should never underestimate them. No, forget that. Never underestimate any Mage no matter how much more powerful you may be. One wrong move and you have a thorn piercing your heart. Or worse...
— Master Helenia
Related Discipline
Elemental Magic
Life Magic
Related Element
Effect Duration
up to 5h
Mage (Basic Version)
Master (Seed Version)
  • focus Mana in Rune for Life
  • push it into the earth around you
  • feel for the plant life around you
  • concentrate Mana in plants you wish to use
  • focus on the Growth Aspect
  • once required size is reached stop
  • use Mana to guide tendrils through the earth
  • once target is reached focus Mana in hands
  • connect it to Mana in earth
  • close hands to spring trap

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Cover image: by Ben LUCAS


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