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Cat Paw

I always asked myself why some call us Mages "Magical Thiefs" but looking at some of these spells...
Well, Magic itself is a human invention. Of course, there will be those that try and use for personal gain.
— Yensid & Helenia
  Of course one will imagine the great beasts of eldritch dimensions when hearing one talk about the Bestial Aspects. After all, it is much more interesting to hear about titans grinding entire cities to dust than any of the more normal purposes of the art.   Normal, however, is a flexible term. Especially when it concerns Magic. The simpler aspects may not be as bombastic as the Yongjin Bait for example. But they are far more useful to those that don't want to see the world burn.  


  Once cast, the spell will not be noticeable to anyone other than the caster. The Mage using the technique will no longer make a sound when moving. Unless they stomp on the ground no one will hear them.   Additionally, the casters sense of balance will be noticeably improved. Even slight ledges will be far easier to master. However, this does not mean that it is perfect. Falling when not paying attention is still a very real possibility. An experience many a inexperienced magical thief has made over the years.  


  Control of the Element of Beast is of course necessary. Beyond that the only "big" obstacle when learning this technique is the necessary control one must have to keep the spell active. Learning the spell is rather easy, mastering it not necessarily.   As far as gaining the Feline Aspect, that is rather easy. All one has to do is keep the animal steady while transferring some of their Mana into them. Once the energy has travelled throughout the creatures Mana System, it will have taken on some of the cats Mana. When returning to the Mage it will grant them the Feline Aspect.   Unlike large beasts whose Mana Reserves are big enough to last a while after their death, those of the smaller animals will disappear immediately upon their demise. This means that the creatures do not have to be killed. Most will prove no danger anyway.  
Beast Magic depends on one coexistence with nature. Those with the intent to harm animals for fun are never even able to access it. It might seem strange as one has to kill several of the more powerful beasts to gain their aspect. But there is a difference in killing a mutated beast attacking you and torturing harmless creatures.
— Helenia
Related Discipline
Elemental Magic
Beast Magic
Related Element
Effect Duration
up to 7 hours
  • focus Mana in the rune for Beast
  • concentrate on the Feline Aspect
  • combine the Aspect with the Mana
  • move the Mana toward your feet
  • divide it evenly on the sole
  • maintain the flow

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Cover image: by Stas Yurev


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