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Amber Sinclair - Crimson Empress of Nocora

Stop? Why should I stop when I finally have all the power in the world and more! No, little sister, I will not give up. The times when others held power over me are long gone.
— Amber to her sister Mila
  From "Lords of Death - An Account of the Dread Wars" by Lucius Lengallen:   "Amber Sinclair, in popular literature referred to as the Fallen, is a typical example of the type of Necromancer that emerged during the middle stage of the Dread Wars. Young, a traitor to her people, relatively inexperienced when compared to her predecessors but vastly more aggressive and domineering. Not quite as powerful as the early Lords of Death had been, but in her own way vastly more dangerous."  


  Field Report from Inquisitor Garlan Redbeard dated 03.07.410 YoD:  
"It has become increasingly clear that the Fallen is emerging as the most dangerous of the Dreadlords that have followed in the wake of Andoran's fall. The size of her horde alone is concerning. Low estimates put it at nearly 750.000 at present, likely more considering the population Nocora had before it fell. Worse is her inner circle."   "Almost all Hunters of Nocora have been lost, most having been turned into either Revenants or Yorand. Her guard thus includes a large number of highly skilled individuals, many of which have intimate knowledge of the Hierarchy's methods and tactics. That is not even counting the Fallen herself."   "Her background as a hunter has left her skilled in combat with and without weapons, almost nullifying the general weakness post-2nd generation Necromancers normally show in that field. Far more concerning are her abilities in the field of Necromancy. Both their variety and application imply a connection to the line of Ceres Vikara herself, considered impossible since the destruction of that strain of Necromancer over two centuries ago."  

Red Empress

  From the personal writings of Mila Sinclair:   "It took quite a while before the Hiearchy realized just how dangerous Amber could be. Not that I blame them. Too many Necromancers to handle at once. And none of them shared a connection like Amber and I did..."

"My older sister had always been plagued by self-doubt. Always in our father's shadow. Forced to lead the Hunters of Nocora knowing that she was only a placeholder until I, the real heir, was ready. Pushed from every direction by political interest while having to send people to their deaths on the daily. I don't hate her for breaking. I despise her for how she did. She used a cursed artefact to turn herself into this...thing. Threw away her soul, her people, her family for power. And gained an enemy for all the centuries her unholy life will continue for."

"I have to give her credit for one thing: She definitely knows how to style herself as a ruler. Sitting above the ruins of our old headquarters in Nocora, she must look radiant in crimson red. The clothes, heraldry, even the way she devours others and turns them into undead like herself, it all echoes the Vampires of classical myth. It is effective. Projects an aura of dread even stronger than the other undead lords out there manage to. People have taken notice. Call her "Crimson Empress". Power and respect, she has all she ever wanted.
"Old habits die hard. Amber proves that saying true. As she did with me and the other hunters, she now does with her rival Necromancers. She deceives and manipulates, draws them into suicidal campaigns against the Hierarchy or eternal wars against one another. All so she can grow stronger from the fallout."   "It is a smart strategy. No doubt about it. She occupies the Hierarchy and her rivals at almost no cost to herself. And once the dust settles, she can swoop in and reap the rewards, take over the land and raise legions of new puppets. Her territory is the largest of all the Dread Lords by now."   "Looks like you are finally where you always wanted to be, Amber. You have an empire, power beyond your wildest dreams, uncountable hordes of soldiers and followers of eternal loyalty. All the world respects and fears you. Enjoy it while you can, sister. All you have will turn to ash and dust. For I am coming for you."
How I managed to live to over 130? Willpower, my dear. You'd be astonished to find what a mind can do with the right goal.
— Mila Sinclair at the Battle of the Tarn
371 YoD >>> 522 YoD (died 151 years old)
Human (formerly)
Ceres Vikara - Death's Herald (unproven)
Hunters of Nocora (formerly)
Eternal Throne of Nocora   Circumstances of Death
Killed by Mila Sinclair
  Threat Level
Real Vampires   From "On the Undead" by Lorence Marten:  
"The image of the Vampire as a bloodsucking, pale creature of the night which resides in oppulent castles and foms a "midgnight aristocracy" with its undead peers is an ancient one. It first appears in the founding days of the Hierarchy, only to be popularized again by the Crimson Empress. However, such creatures have never existed. Real Vampires were not at all like the mythical figures. They were mutated humans that needed to devour Mana in order to live. That is the keyword: live. For actual Vampires were living creatures that could endure the sun and had no control over either undead or human."

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Cover image: by Guilherme Batista
Character Portrait image: by Adam Potter


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