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From the fist of that now dead hot bastard, my granther took the monstrous axe, Hraangrindar. From it I forged the first mighty spell slayer swords of the Argozi.
— Brekund Glinteye , Master of the Argozi Forge


Veriduun is a strange ore of black metal blended with deep purple crystal. The two cannot be separated.   Veriduun is many times stronger than crucible steel and half the weight, making it the very best for crafting metal weapons and armor.   In addition to this, veriduun is inert to acids, ichors, or any substance, magical or mundane, that would cause it to change or rust.   Its most intriguing property, though, is that magic cannot affect it.
Magma forges can soften and melt it, but magical heat does nothing.     Striking someone protected by magic is like striking them as though they had no such protections.     These properities make items crafted with veriduun highly valuable.   Smithing veriduun does no harm to the crystal that will smooth itself with the edges of the metal as it cools.


  Veriduun is only found within live volcanoes mined by the Vulmohn who are also the only ones who can work the magma forges needed to work veriduun.     Vulmohn will never trade their veriduun. They still hunger to dominate all other giants and lead them into taking over the world, so refuse to give the 'lesser' giants proper weapons.     Luckily for the world, every Vulmohn clan leader thinks HE or SHE is the one to rule them all and the clans constantly battle each other to prove their dominion.
  Unfortunately for the Vulmohn, dwarves are insanely passionate about all smithy things. Dwarves are also incredibly smart at smithing.     One clever dwarf figured out how to make his forge magma hot along with how to work close to such a forge without being killed by the heat.     It was extremely costly and he proved it capable of working the veriduun of his granther's trophy axe taken from his victory over a Vulmohn.
"Hey, cousin," Sir Brunnor Glinteye said to his first cousin on his father side. "How much are the elders going to back your wondrous veriduun sword smithy?"   "Short-sighted, nickel-pinchin', blusterin' baffoons won't give a copper despite all their ooo's an' aaahh's over the masterworks I presented!" Brekand Glinteye snarled over their steins of Goldkeg Stout. "And, after they said no, half of them offered to buy one at only twice the worth of a master sword only made of steel!"   "Oh," Brunnor said, so surprised he struggled for words. He took a few careful sips of the family ale while he thought. Perhaps it would help Brekand simmer down a bit, too.   After a minute of silence, Brunnor cleared his throat.   "How badly do you want a veriduun smithy, Brekand?" he asked.   Brekand eyed him sideways.   "Just spit it out, Brunnor. Don't be dancing around my temper." He gulped down the rest of his ale then poured himself another from the pitcher.   "My order is looking for a master smith. And they would pay a ransom for swords of veriduun."   Brekand snorted. "Until I can get more veriduun, there is only those three swords, and the elders pointed out that even with all the trophies hangin' about the clan, its not enough to maintain a smithy."   Brunnor gave Brekand that coldly confident smile that could make a Ridgerun Barbarian faint. It made Brekand hiccup into his ale.   "We Argozi have dealt with Vulmohn before, Brekand," the dwarven knight, that was his cousin and loved him Brekand reminded himself, said. "For a forge that makes us these," he waved at the three swords at the end of the long table, "we would be very willing to cull some Vulmohn."   Brekand swallowed and, for the first time in his life, almost felt pity for the hot bastards.   "That would be a fine deal, Brunnor, a fine deal indeed."
— the beginning of the Argozi Forge

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