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Slima Rash

Slima Rash is a vile affliction that transforms its victims in a horrific and painful way.

Transmission & Vectors

Slima Rash is transmitted by touching a prepared paste. It is considered a villainous act of torture.


The cause of the rash is a pinhead sized chaotic water creature call a Slima. Slima is a clear colorless creature that spends most of its time in a hibernating state which lasts until another creature blunders into it. Once touched, a Slima wakes up and moves until it touches skin which it begins to eat. A Slima eats ten times its weight then detaches into water to hibernate as it digests its meal. One Slima is a painful little mark, but Slima are never found alone. The slower moving the water they drift in, the thicker their numbers. And the more of them there are the more terrible the rash.   Slima are harvested from The Rift by demonic slaves for their sorceror masters who store the Slima in a paste that they can dip into with a gloved finger. They will then touch the Slima-filled paste to their intended victim. Using the paste can be hazardous and mishandling will result in self-affliction.


Most afflictions involve an open sore from the size of a coin up to a foot in diameter.   The Slima continue to eat until its time to detach, at which time, not being in water, the Slima cling to their victim and begin to exude a slime that slowly spreads. This slime changes skin it touches into clear colorless flesh that produces a different slime made to hold water. This new slime skin causes burning pain unless its kept wet with water. Water applied to this new slimy skin will be held for about six hours, at which time the pain returns until more water is applied.   The new slime skin will continue to spread until it entirely covers the victim or until the victim immerses itself in water at which point the Slima will detach and float away, stopping the spread of the slime skin but not reverting it back to normal.


The best way to remove Slima is to bathe the afflicted area with holy water, which instantly slays the Slima, but will not return slime skin back to normal.   If holy water is not available then it is best to generously rub an afflicted area with salt then scrub clean with near boiling water and soap before the slime skin begins to form.   If that is not possible or the slime skin has already begun to form, then the victim must immerse themselves in water and wait for the slima to finish eating and detach, which is exceedingly painful.   Only the prayers of a high cleric can cure the victim of its slime skin.

Victim of Slima


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