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Poxuponme is a terrible disease cause by a poxpug, a chubby little demon a foot or two long than can weigh as much as fifty pounds. This nasty little demon likes to creep into places where mortals tend to gather. Inns, feasts, and parties are a poxpug's favorite places. Once it finds a shadowy corner, it gets to work. Croaking silently like a frog, it breathes out its vileness in a hard to see vapor that smells faintly of vomit. The vapor spreads quickly for about ten minutes then vanishes. Those unlucky enough to breathe it in will find themselves getting horribly sick. As they sicken, the victims can infect others with poxuponme and its not uncommon for whole villages or neighborhoods to become diseased.   On the first day Poxuponme begins to sicken its victims, itchy red spots appear on their skin. By the second day, the terrible itching ends but the spots grow into painful blood blisters and pustules. On the third day, they can no longer swallow and will die of thirst after another four days of agony and misery. Only clerics of great power can cure this disease by the laying on of their hands. The afflicted must be taken to such a cleric before the seventh day of poxuponme. Pilgrimages of the desperate to the great temples are terrible sights. Seeing the march of the afflicted can cause healthy settlements to put up barriers to keep them out. Sadly, too many settlements are too far from a great temple. In those places, entire populations can die, much to the delight of the poxpug.   THE ONLY CURE   An order of monks called the Brotherhood of Boki, has devoted itself to not only fighting demons and evil magi, but to trying to repair the damage they do. The Brotherhood has found a cure. This cure is an intricate mix of rare ingredients found around the world. With the end of the Gateway, the Brotherhood has had to restructure itself so they have regular expeditions going for each ingredient, diminishing the numbers who can go out and fight. The Brotherhood of Boki works hard and, thus far, they have managed to prevent a pandemic.
THE ONLY CURE RECIPE   12 Sun-dried petals of the Frostlilly that only grows in the Blue Ice Valley (home of the north land frost giants)   1 ounce of ground Firevine root from the Red Skarrg fire mountain (home of the Red Skarrg fire giants)   1ounce of Albino royal jelly from the innermost honeycombs of an Albino beehive (Albino bees are the size men)   Bring a teapot of fresh water to boil. Stir in the ground Firevine root to the count of 200. Add the sundried Frostlilly petals and stir them every few minutes until the water cools. Pour the brew into a cup, filling it halfway. Stir in the ounce of royal jelly until the spoon is clean.   The victim needs to drink the entire contents of the cup. If the victim can no longer swallow, carefully open the mouth, smear the tongue with the Albino royal jelly then gently press the soggy Frostlilly leaves on top of the jelly. Allow three hours to pass for the swelling to diminish, then feed the victim the entire cup of prepared brew.

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