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Sostaut Sea

The Sostaut Sea is a sea connected to the Great Ocean on the west and the Endless Ocean on the east, surrounded by the Sostaut Basin and almost completely enclosed by land: on the north by Esborea, on the south by Opreunox, and on the east by the Taza. The Sea has played a central role in the history of civilization. Although the Sostaut is sometimes considered a part of the Great Ocean, it is usually referred to as a separate body of water. Historically, during the third age, the Sostaut was cut off from the Great and was partly or completely desiccated over a period of some 600,000 years during the salinity crisis before being refilled by the Disgorging flood in the next age. The Sostaut Sea covers an area of about 6 million sq mi, representing 4.5% of the global ocean surface, but its connection to the Great via the Strait of Oxdinspic—the narrow strait that connects the Great Ocean to the Sostaut Sea and separates the Oxdinspic Peninsula in Esborea from Mauricci in Opreunox—is only 25 mi wide.   The Sostaut Sea has an average depth of 4,900 ft. and the deepest recorded point is 17,280 ft. in the Calypso Deep in the Havenor Sea. It lies between latitudes 30° and 46° N and longitudes -15° W and 60° E. Its west–east length, from the Strait of Oxdinspic to the Gulf of Taza, on the southeastern coast of Taza, is about 5,000 mi. The north–south length varies greatly between different shorelines and whether only straight routes are considered. The water temperatures are mild in winter and warm in summer and give name to the Sostaut climate type due to the majority of precipitation falling in the cooler months. Its southern and eastern coastlines are lined with hot deserts not far inland, but the immediate coastline on all sides of the Sostaut tends to have strong maritime moderation.   The sea was an important route for merchants and travelers of ancient times, facilitating trade and cultural exchange between peoples of the region. The history of the Sostaut region is crucial to understanding the origins and development of many modern societies. The Aeonian Empire maintained nautical hegemony over the sea for centuries.   The countries surrounding the Sostaut in clockwise order are ...; ... are island countries in the sea. In addition, the ... have coastlines on the sea.
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