The Invasion of the Planes

Military action


The Order of Ashes had worked in secret for 1000 years, developing the magic to rip open portals and doorways across Pallo. They had learned the lost magics of visiting other planes, making alliances with fae creatures and foreign empires. They also used these magics to visit parallel worlds of the material plane, gaining new technologies and magics in the process. As the Phoenix King forged a new rebellion, the Order of Ashes saw it as a time to act.

The Order of Ashes ripped open the first portals around the capital of the largest demon capital. An invasion of warforged, fae, and elves came through torrents, vigintupling the rebel forces. The wave of forces washed over the capital and kept going, pushing demons and loyalists back to the underdark where they could.   The Order of Ashes used this momentum to recharge and begin ripping open portals and forge doorways in as many places as they could. Many of their attempts spawned portals in random locations, some of which they never saw.   This 5 year long invasion brought billions to Pallo. Though most of them died in the conflict, it some survivors did stay and settle on Pallo.

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