The early civilizations of Pallo utilized the earth around them to create living spaces. The first collective society documented lived in earthship-like huts they called budels. Documents written by travelling merchants referred to their lands as "the budelary lands." Eventually, the adjective was adopted as a name when the first queen codified the then city-state.


Because they lived in budels, much of their culture has been preserved. The difficulty with much of the study done on artifacts retrieved from digs is that it has been difficult deciphering what was originally Budelary and what originated in other early civilizations. One thing that has been incredibly useful has been looking at the construction of the budels and their remains of their farm lands. Much of it aligns with

Circa 1,000,000 OA - Circa 850,000 OA

Geopolitical, City-state
Leader Title
Notable Members


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