3/11/1870 GS

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In this little corner of the multiverse, a lot of society and wildlife are almost always influenced in some little way by an often unnoticed instinct: the forming of groups, or as some may call it, Packs or Kin.   This instinct, magically enforced in some species, can only be satiated by a group where the individual feels happy and welcome. The bond created will often transcend many barriers, be it of species, alignment, or view of the world around them.   The little creatures who band together and bond on this world are often unaware of the instinct, while some have their society revolve around it. Some create magical bonds once they find their Pack. Some have finding a group to be a right of passage. Some may mark themselves with a symbol for their group. Some may biologically notice the bond made and change the creature accordingly.   It's said that the gods traveled to this planet and populated it in a pack, which may be why such instincts exist. But, truly, all that matters is that they find their Pack, and protect them against whatever may threaten them.