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The Exterior Wilds


The Exterior Wilds is a large island in Rularia, and is the second largest landmass in the continent; covered in rivers, lakes, forests and mountains.   There are 4 mountain ranges on the main section of the landmass, with two more located on it southern islands, the Daggers. The four mountain ranges are Death's Ridge in the north west, Starlight Hills and Temore Range on the east, and Lei'On Peaks to the south west.


Historically the Exterior Wilds have had a reletively sparse history until recent times. From the spliting of Rularia to the founding of the New Thaltical Republic, the region was no given much attention to by the five kingdoms. As such it became a haven for pirates to settle ports on it's shores, it's fields filled with Goblin and Kolbold towns
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