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Session 19 - Interogation of a Cultist Report

General Summary

14th Jullin 283   The party began their interogation of the Silver, as they headed for Erandule. Beginning with Rayna torturing her, and then proceding to question her, gain very little information.   15th - 18th Jullin 283   The party continue their interogations and torture of the Silver, and investigate what was inside the portable hole they recovered. Verity taking the gems, staff and alchemy jug from the hole, Colter taking the experimental revolver, Colette taking the experimental Tal Greatsword and splitting the coins between the party and Colette. Mint also identifies the items he took from the Silver, a Sai of Venom, a Sai of Broken Mirrors, bracers of defence, and a mantle of spell resistance.   The Silver reveals very little information about the cult, but does tell about herself. Her backstory, Mifeaths attack of Ithual, loosing her parents, and being taken in by the temple of Ilmater. She also reveals that when she dies, she knows that her soul wont go to the afterlife, she'll never see her parents again.   Verity however told the Silver all about her time on the material plane, in an attempt to annoy her into talking. But infact revealing information for Carrion to listen to through the Silvers ears.
'She wouldn’t have said anything regarding the guild or their initial quests, she wouldn’t have mentioned the talent or melee competitions, it would have been the really mundane things like the quality of the room at the tavern, what books were in the room, what food she had and what drinks she tried, the stalls at the festival, how her journey was from new new blackstone to ixmoria. Basically, nothing in regards to their actual work during the campaign’s progression'
Campaign 2
Report Date
10 Dec 2023
Primary Location
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