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Fudail O'Grady

Fudail O’Grady is a premier hero who is far better than his father, who works out of Logenthru. He is a consummate professional and has worked very hard to keep his image away from his father’s. He has developed a very effective heroic party, including Allard Thyne, Otus Galin, Berachah Forland and Mariza Boghosian. He steadfastly avoids any semblance of a relationship so as to avoid anything remotely resembling his father’s twisted personal life, and also to avoid any trace of the scandal that surrounded him and his family after Roble’s death. He was recently romantically linked to two different women: one Nia Broadley, an ordinary citizen of Deorma, and Krista Krawchuck, a hero of Uncambel. Neither relationship seems likely. In spite of ignominious beginnings, he has become a true hero, not just a Hero.


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