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Anti-Elf Grass

If elf invasion breaks,
We'll blow the old war horn
And raise a shout and heft a stake
And stuff them full of corn
The chorus of a popular but categorically inaccurate marching song
    Anti-Elf Grass is useful for a lot more than the name would suggest. This multipurpose weed has uses in cooking, formal wear, roofing material, and occasionally a poison directed against a particular species. It can be found in the swamps of Zol-Tero, and the people there use it for all kinds of things.

Basic Information


Aegrass grows to be at most a foot tall. It is comprised of a rigid stalk that grows fairly thickly. The stalk is surrounded by a number of leaves shaped a lot like elf ears. The coloring ranges from a dull gray to a deep green, depending on the growing conditions.   They flower only at the end of their lives. It is usually described as ugly. The coloring is a brown/cream shade, and the petals are typically as droopy as if another flower was wilted. The flowers are huge, though.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

When growing, aegrass is rather unpleasant-smelling. The amount of water it absorbs also renders it rather squishy and floppy. In order to make it usable, the people of Zol-Tero harvest it and dry it out thoroughly. This eliminates the smell, and makes the fibers quite sturdy.   Once dried, aegrass has a number of uses.  
  • Elf poison. Being in the name, this usage is somewhat self-explanatory. The exact reason why is unclear. Scientists theorize it is the high iron content of the plant. Mages like to insist that it is a matter of balance and that it is the universe's way of countering the insanity of elves. In either case, exposure to almost any part of this plant can be toxic to an elf. Ingesting it is usually fatal.
  • Roofing material. Aegrass can be used to caulk the cracks in the roof. If the stems are placed in holes near the end of the drying cycle, and a specific kind of sap is applied, the stems will make a fine, sturdy seal.
  • Cooking spice. Aegrass is edible for those who are not elves. The plant is dried and ground into a fine powder that native Zol-Terrans seem to enjoy. Due to the toughness of the plant, this can be a somewhat arduous process. Personally, I don't care for it, finding it to be rather sour and pungent.
  • Formal wear. Some of the more enterprising fashion designers have been known to take the flowers and stitch them or glue them together to make dresses. Usually the coloring of the flowers deters them, but there have been a few red-carpet worthy gowns created over the years.
Conservation Status
It is a weed. It's so common that even though it's heavily harvested, no one needs to cultivate it because it pops up anyway.


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