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Ansuth Islands

Jovirenia is not a stable region, meteorologically. The very fact that the skies are consistently purple should demonstrate that. Also the constant electrical storms, and the fact that the capitol building is essentially a giant lightning rod for the entire capital city. The people who live there enjoy their electricity, and aren't fazed by much where storms are concerned.   Even the most veteran Jovirencei would hesitate to go to the Ansuth Islands. People still go, because people are crazy, but not nearly as many as other natural death traps.   The islands themselves are extremely large chunks of rock that float in the air over a blackened valley. They bounce around gracefully, almost gently, lightly ricocheting off each other. The valley keeps them contained, and the natural lightning of Jovirenia stops the islands from getting too far out of the valley if they escape. Intriguing, since the lightning within the valley doesn't seem to do anything to the islands.   Expect to be electrocuted if you go there. The electrical storms are unpredictable and they are generated by the islands themselves.

Localized Phenomena

The islands contain lots and lots of lightning that doesn't originate from the sky like most such things, or from generators, but naturally from the islands themselves. Whatever spell keeps them floating in the sky, it is assumed that the lightning is a by-product.   It is this lightning coming from below that makes the area so dangerous. Since it's not a typical source of natural electrical energy, a lot of people miss the warning signs. Also, since the islands are floating, it can making grounding oneself difficult unless one had the foresight to bring ample equipment for the challenge.


Most of the people who come to the Ansuth Islands do so because someone has been kidnapped and taken there as a threat, or because it's the perfect place for a climactic duel, or simply because someone got the permits wrong and all the safer battle sites were taken.   Tourism is rare. Most of us have seen quite spectacular lightning shows, and have no need to travel to a place that looks the same except there's a higher chance that lightning will hit you.
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