The Manager And The Consequences

The manager was almost frothing at his mouth as he raged at his underlings. He kept slinging accusations of being accomplices to the data theft, combined with claims of incompetence because no backups had survived the sabotage. Security was called many a word as well, despite the fact three of them had been hospitalized when one of the experiments had exploded during the event. The other guards hadn't mentioned it, but if the runners hadn't thrown a healing spell their way afterwards, they likely would have bled out on the spot.   None of that mattered. Nobody bothered raising a counterpoint, they knew the man was just out for blood, looking for a scapegoat. But they boiled inside, doing everything they could to keep a straight face and not burst out in rage in return.   Finally the manager stormed off, with a few nasty parting words. As he stormed through the corridors, he saw a janitor and deliberately just bowled the man over. Turning around to berate the man for the sole crime of existing, he suddenly felt all his strength leave him. The janitor looked on in shock as the manager fell to the floor, his last thoughts filled with confusion.   Security caught up just ten seconds later, but by then the janitor was already gone. The doc had a suspicion, as had security when they noticed the footage seemed peculiar, but after all was said and done, none cared enough to oppose the coroner's conclusion of a heart attack.

Cover image: Dark Woods by Free-Photos


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