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Crua is small town in the Southern Deserts and the main producers of Fireglass.


Crua is a diverse town, with people from all over the realm coming to work and be a part of the syndicalist lifestyle in the town. Most of the population is humanoid, though it is not uncommon to see members of various other races working and living in Crua.


Crua is managed by a trade syndicate in which the members of the governing council are elected through sortition - each member of the syndicate spends some time as a governing member, representing the broader interests of the workers.

Industry & Trade

Trade is very important to the Cruan way of life. Building materials, crops, tools, and more are all traded for from the wider world. Fireglass fetches a good price and the syndicates use it to get goods and materials that they then supply to the residents of the town.


Most infrastructure is built to mine and process fireglass, a process that uses magical cold forges to combine metal ore and fireglass crystal shards into fireglass panes.


Fireglass is the most valuable asset of Crua and makes up a huge amount of their domestic product. They also maintain stores of supplies for running the town and the mining operation.

Guilds and Factions

The major faction is the trade syndicate, which governs the mining of fireglass and the town itself. All inhabitants are technically members of the syndicate and have a say in local politics and processes. There are small branches of the Carpenters Guild and Merchants Guild, operating under the rules of the trade syndicate.


Crua exists around an oasis in the Southern Deserts. Many fireglass outcroppings dot the land near Crua and mines have been established around those.

Natural Resources

Fireglass is the most important and expansive natural resource in Crua.
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