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Perinnia Asandromere

(a.k.a. Ma'am)


  Perinnia Asandromere is that woman. The one who doesn't know how to shut up. She talks to fill the silence. She talks to prove she's the expert. She talks to assure herself she still exists. She's the woman at parties whom every patron secretly avoids because they understand that once she has them in her clutches, there'll be no escaping.

That isn't to say she doesn't possess redeeming qualities; she does. She's well aware of her shortcomings, but is also quite shrewd in running her household and raising five children, one of whom was an orphaned niece to Ephron. She also makes sure her husband's dinner parties are the talk of the town. It's suggested that if not for her, Ephron Asandromere would have remained a quiet, solemn teacher working on the outskirts of Kitra-Avreen instead of the head of one of Alon Amphrael's most prestigious universities.


  • Talking
  • Grandbabies
  • Political intrigue
  • Refinery
  • Outwitting smarmy politicians
  • Smarmy politicians
  • Wrinkles
  • Incessant silence
  • Travel
  • Dogs and (especially) cats
  • Politicking
  • Fashion and style sense
  • Dogged determination
  • Unconditional love
  • An uncanny sense of timing
  • Insecurity
  • Overlooks social cues
  • Chocolate
  • A poor constitution
  • Jealousy


After Suncity sickness claimed the lives of her older sister and one of her older brothers, Perinnia grew up in a family of 10 children. Being one of the middle children, she was often overlooked and ignored while expected to "carry" her weight by raising her younger siblings. Eventually, Perinnia learned if she spoke often and a lot, people were bound to listen. It worked, at least, within the boundaries of her own family where all of them competed with communication. It haunted her later life, however, as friends limited their contact because they could "never get a word in edge-wise".
  Her marriage to Ephron Asandromere seemed to her a fluke, as she met him while he was traveling. He was on his way to introduce himself to the headmaster and his new employer in the next town, adjacent to hers, when his horse threw a shoe. She talked his ear off. Ephron hardly spoke. Yet, he never seemed to mind if she did all the talking. As well, he never failed to listen or hear her. She married him six months later, and he credited her with most of his success.
  Perinnia did stop talking eventually... the day that Ephron died. She didn't leave his side and saw to his every need for weeks as the magic-resistant wasting disease, Glogg's Pox, slowly eroded his life. She was never the same woman afterwards, and in just a few short years, she followed him in death.
Other Names: Perinnia Nemms
Title: None
  House: None
  Residence: Kitra-Avreen
Nexus World: Orr
  Occupation: Socialite

Markings/Tattoos: Magically animated tattoo on her right buttocks which complements the matching one on her husband's left buttocks.

Date of Birth
December 10
4175 A.T. 4237 A.T. 62 years old
Lark's Fall-Avreen
Dusty blue
Salt & Pepper
102 lbs.


Marital Status: Married
Married: January 21, 4193
  Family   Spouse: Ephron Asandromere
  • Dormin Asandromere
  • Bienne Asandromere
  • Salem Asandromere
  • Rendal Asandromere
  • Adopted: Seleyna Jacquard


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Character Portrait image: Perinnia Asandromere by Everwild


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