Salem Asandromere

(a.k.a. Sal, Professor, Salamander)

"I realize he's handsome and mysterious, and all..." she said to the younger woman with an impish smile, "But trust me, he's no end of trouble, hmm?"
— Kieryn Sigatha


A tall, somewhat lanky man, Salem has unusual eyes. "Alonian Eyes", they're called, because for some, Alonians can be born with pupils that shine like silver. It's unsettling, because they reflect light back in the dark, just like animals. This genetic disposition is often passed along, especially among the families in his native town of Kitra. While some anticipate blindness for it, those effected by it enjoy a heightened sense of sight, especially at night, and in some cases, where magic might prevail.   While not a stout man, Salem is willowy and sleek; a quick, agile man and a formidable caster for it. He was not meant for speed, but lean and long of leg, making it easy for him to trot, or even lope longer distances. Long, strong arms also make him an avid, capable swimmer. And his hands, with their long, tapered fingers transform him from an average wizard into poetry — a stunning visual in mood and motion.


Likes: Good food, especially exotic dishes. Likes a good wine and different teas. Salem is an avid traveler, having the means as he is the youngest son of a prominent merchant from the Alonian Empire. He's also drawn to anything considered mysterious or a "taboo", such as all manner of magic. He's a voracious reader, and has been known to snoop through old ledgers or read guest registers if they're left out in the open, unattended.
Dislikes: He's not a fan of war, though as he's aged, he's grown to understand the sometimes-necessity of it. He hates politics and this made him terrible at them, and because large gatherings put him off, he often lingers at their fringes. He refuses to eat anything that's been fermented, but this dislike doesn't extend to drink. Dislikes disloyal people and those who would exploit power for nothing other than personal gain.
Needs: Knowledge. Salem couldn't survive without information as an integral part of his life. He also needed to break the rules; even if doing so might get him into trouble or even killed. He was neither bad nor evil; he simply believed that many rules were made from ignorance and fear, and set out to disprove the necessity of most of them. When he proved to himself they were legitimate rules, he stopped questioning them.
Wants: Knowledge, and all the perks that come with it, except maybe fame. While he's not power hungry, he can be greedy about those things he desires, especially in his life. He thrives on and thrills to discovery. He wants to impart his knowledge, as well, to the rest of the world, as well as share it with others within the Nexus of Nyn.
Good Habits: He's always punctual and consistent. He strives to be polite in all of his interactions, and calm in the face of conflict and adversity. He's well spoken and a decent orator, despite his dislike for crowds. Because he's grown up with finer tastes than some, he's inclined to keep himself clean, well-groomed, and tidy. An affable man, he goes out of his way to cultivate good, useful relationships.
Bad Habits: Salem can be very driven, greedy, and single-minded. He may not be naive, but he can sometimes be gullible; this often leads to disappointment when he finds himself betrayed for trusting someone he shouldn't have. When stressed, he has a terrible habit of pacing incessantly, and often grinds his teeth, even in his sleep.
Fears: Salem's afraid of being forgotten. It plagues him to think no one will even remember his name even a month after he's gone. And, while he may yearn for it, he fears intimacy. It makes him feel inept and he fears both, failure and rejection.
Aspirations: He aspires to greatness; to be the best self he can be and to take as many people with him as he can to the top. He cannot identify it, but something deep within him pushes him constantly to be successful. He's also willing to endure a goodly amount of hardship and suffering to accomplish that goal.
Strengths: He's willing to fail and to get up again even after he's failed, to try once again. He's the closest to Imbued that any Mundane has ever before him and his willingness to test the boundaries of what he knows makes him informed and formidable. He is one of the strongest wizards found on Orr and, he's fabulous at negotiating.
Weaknesses: For all that he seems aloof, Salem is an emotional creature and sometimes allows his negative emotions to inform his choices. He's impulsive and reckless at times, and given to bouts of absentmindedness.
  Fatal Flaw: His willingness to delve into the dangerous and unknown, especially where magic and the Nexus are concerned.
Date of Birth
September 13, 4200
Date of Death
May 3, 4279
4200 A.T. 4279 A.T. 79 years old
Kitra-Avreen, Alon Amphrael
Place of Death
Steel Gray (with silver pupils)
Dark Brown
166 pounds

  Marital Status: Married   Mother: Perinnia Asandromere
Father: Ephron Asandromere

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Character Portrait image: by Everwild


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