Lost Terran Colonies


Founded 2082 -Abandoned in 2317 One of the original colony worlds, Alice has a small surface area and a thin atmosphere which has limited the size and growth of the colony there. There are several mining operations run from Alice as well as a couple of small R+D bases   Alice was largely abandoned after the Karkouri occupation, though The Terran Empire placed a research and an early warning base there.


Founded 2105 -Abandoned in 2298   A tiny planet with a scarcely breathable atmosphere, Palatine was set up as an FAS listening post and also as a territorial buffer against the Tazzyn Empire. There's little of value on Palatine and most of the trade in the system comes from Hydrogen mining   Palatine was abandoned as a colony in the late 23rd century after the hydrogen mining trade began to bottom out.


Founded 2105 -Destroyed 2245   A former rogue moon, Sparrow was originally founded by Jesuit missionaries before becoming a small corporate post. Sometimes used for R+D and other times for mining, Sparrow was largely ignored during the days of the Federation and was lost to a Nacht-Volker raid in the 2240s


Founded 2082 -abandoned 2270   An underdeveloped colony, Vesper was one of the original eight colonies but has never reached its potential. The stranglehold of IronWorks was eventually replaced by ceaseless corporate intrigues between IronWorks and Allied-Technology. Vesper serves as a gateway into Karkouri space.   Repeated raids from the Karkouri saw the colony fall in 2270


Founded 2130 -Destroyed 2360   A fairly nice planet with a good sized agricultural community, Carmine has been growing in the 22nd century and looks to expand in the 23rd. Carmine was overrun by the Rephaim in the 24th century

Fort Scorpius

Founded 2160 -Destroyed 2361   A colony established on the edge of Tranoan space, it was overrun by the Rephaim

New St Helens

Founded 2178 -Destroyed 2362   Another colony established on the edge of Tranoan space, it was overrun by the Rephaim


Founded 2160 -Abandoned 2322   A cold but otherwise fairly nice planet, Rygar was founded late in the colonial drive and was disputed by the Tazzyn Empire before they conceded it to the Terran Federation after the 2nd Karkouri War. The world is home to a strong heavy metal mining trade but also a good R+D trade from the local Bradbury-Pyramid facility there.   After the Karkouri occupation, Rygar was abandoned.

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