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The Month of Mihkel, Day 3, 15001 NS

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Ambient sounds courtesy of tosha73 and EminYILDIRIM

Greetings to those below. I am Death, though for our first meeting, and for all our meetings to come, I will ask you call me Azrael. Here, then, marks the beginning of our journey. Nestled in a tiny galaxy locked away from the rest of the universe is a world called Orosta. This is where I am from . . . sort of. But how did this world come to be? What strange events caused Orosta to be locked away from the rest of creation? Only a few know the answers to those questions, but they are a bit hard to track down; and, even if you could manage to do it, it would be best not to pester them seeing as how most of them have teeth, claws, a temper, and can breathe fire.   What can be gleaned about the world is that it was created by my master, Le Sair, a deity represented by the elusive white stag, but it’s been a long time since anyone has seen any sign of him. The races he populated the world with were the dragons and the Sithuwaye. From them came the rest of the races who bear various names and their attached opinions—”accidental assets to society”, “tolerated mistakes”, and “the secret ones”. Then, there are of course the abominations, but no one really likes to talk about them.   Following a massive natural disaster (well, at least that’s what the dragons said it was), the birthplace of life was ripped away from the rest of the land, resulting in a small island. This event caused every being on Orosta to move in a mass exodus to the first continent, a land that would later be named Altyma. But there were a few, stubborn souls who remained at the birthplace of life, and despite all predictions they would die, they didn’t. The island was named Rhye, and a civilization divided into three kingdoms eventually came to life. The three kingdoms are: Rhyastil, the largest one; Rhyseel, the antisocial one; and Rhyxie, the tiny one that will trade for shiny things.   But, successful though they may be, just because the Rhyonians have survived this long doesn’t mean they’ll continue to do so. There is the small matter of the dragons being angry the Rhyonians didn’t die after all. And then there’s the real problem lurking straight beneath everything the Rhyonians have built. Except the Rhyonians don’t know about that problem. The dragons made sure of that . . .   So welcome one and all to Orosta and the lovely island of Rhye. I’m sure nothing exciting or . . . world-ending . . . will happen during your stay.

Signed your resident narrator,   Azrael the Star of Death

This world is part of an upcoming fantasy book series!


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