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The Pearl of Invisibility

A treasure unheeded may still be needed.

Proverbs of the Wise

The Pearl of Invisibility is an artefact of legendary power that has been associated with Craorloc. Although others have been rumored to have possessed the pearl throughout history, its most recent manifestation has been to Lucian Galanodel, a member of the Coal Crushers in their fight against Arcalturn.

This pearl has immense magical power but only for a single use. The pearl must be both crushed and consumed. Although normally having a hard and crystaline texture, when crushed it obtains a thick liquid consistency. Upon consumption the user becomes immune to detection from any but the most vigilant guards or astute magical practicianers. The effect occurs to both allies and enemies, so much so that the user could scream and shout at the top of his lungs, jump in plain view, or even cause physical injuries and remain completely concealed.

The length of this effect and consistency of its results differ slightly in historic accounts. In most cases these writing can be seen as suppositional as it is unlikely that writers could have observed those under the pearl's effect.
by Arimel using Midjourney

Once consumed, even my most blatant acts or mistakes could not be seen. My team even reported that I almost ghosted away before their eyes, becoming nothing more than a gentle breeze. I needed to use chalk to communicate as my voice did not carry. If only I had known the try capabilities of this artefact when I first received it.

Excerpt from the Knives of Dawn records
by Lucian
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Jewelry / Valuable
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