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Solo RPG

Sun, Feb 5th 2023 06:08
I've started logging a solo RPG run in World Anvil, using a discussion board to track each session. I mix narrative and game mechanics in different boxes, with a separate thread for each scene.
  Comments are closed in the example thread, because the content isn't ready for critique. But if you want to talk about tools and techniques for Solo RPG play on World Anvil, the discussion board is open for business!

Solo RPG Discussion

Sun, Feb 5th 2023 09:41
Questions, comments, best practices for Solo RPG gaming on World Anvil.

Chapter 1: A Daring Escape (An example)

Sun, Feb 5th 2023 09:18
"If you are reading this, I am already dead." These are words you never want to see in a note from your mentor in the House diplomatic corps.
  The beginnings of a solo campaign using the Mythic GM Emulator as an oracle for characters and events in the setting of Worlds Without Number. I posted it here in case this setup would be helpful for others thinking about running the same kind of game.