The flight

The aviane, while thought of as highly arrogant have a very sensible way of showing someone their admiration.   Most of the time females compete for males and not the other way around, this is already a hard cut from most other cultures.   This competition can either be solved with grace or with violence.   Once a female aviane grows her first feathers she is supposed to fight a partner, not a partner to live with but a hunting mate. These will most certainly also become their living partner as well but this isn't the focus.   Because the whole culture of aviane is surrounded by hunting, females try to woo the strongest hunter of their age range.   This is done by plucking off their own feathers and making it into weapon accessories. These presents then will be given by performing a weapon dance which not only is supposed to show their grace but also their fighting prowess.   It is also typical, if a male can't decide for a female, that a battle ensues, ending only when only one aviane female is standing.


The whole culture of the aviane is centred around hunting because most of the time males are the hunters they don't need to show off their abilities. This is why females, while still maintaining the wanted grace and beauty began to imitate the male avianes fighting style.   These were adapted to dance like moves and by now male and female aviane hunt side by side, the tradition of female competing for males however still persists to this day.


After plucking their feather, female aviane try to make the best weapon accessories out of their feather which they then give to the male they want to compete for.


Normally only the female aviane are the active part in this courtship ritual.


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