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SC - Saatis

The first time I saw one I was fascinated by its bright greenish brown spikes and its club, but as I pat it, they all fell out! It was the pet of my dear friend Krista Glas, but she was of no help, instead of telling me that it is normal, she screamed that I kill her little angel! She had a great laugh, and still teases me with it.
  The Saatis lives in wooded areas near deserts and mountains. It is very shy and has the ability to dig into the ground at lightning speed.

Basic Information


The Saatis is a quadrupedal animal with hard plates on its back and head. The most distinguishing features are their greenish-brown spikes and club which are used to grow plants.

Ecology and Habitats

It lives inside and near wooded areas bordering deserts and mountains. It prefers warmer climates however can live in colder areas for a short amount of time.

Dietary Needs and Habits

its dietary needs consist of plants. Occasionally it will eat insects as well. The plants it ate will be converted into its spikes which then sprout plants of the same type.

Additional Information


As a pet it is rare to see a Saatis, tho it is popular with everyone who uses plants often. As such it is often used as a pet for pharmacists and chefs.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The spikes on its back as well as the club-like part on its tail fall of on occasion, these then rapidly sprout plants.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

It has very bad senses, it can neither hear nor see very well. It is however capable of digging itself into the ground at high speeds to protect itself from predators.
Conservation Status
Due to its rarity, this animal is protected. While it can be held as a pet, a certificate and permission of the Fauna-Organisation are needed to keep one.


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