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Samantel is a metal used while working with saxum. It is a natural Signum conductor and can as such be used to connect Saxum crystals to each other. It is used in a wide variety of applications  


It is used to craft jewellery from Saxum while not losing any of its properties. Through the use of Samantel it is possible to bypass the restriction of holding saxum on one's body to cast signum. There were attempts at creating the same effect by perforating the metal used in jewellery but while it worked it drastically reduced the ability of saxum.  


In weapons it is used to grant a greater "Oomph" so to say. Different typed of saxum can be used in different ways, electro saxum can be used to paralyze the enemy while fire saxum can be used to grant a bigger explosion in bombs or firearms.  


A rare use of Samantel is its use in buildings and machinery, thought a very tough metal it is very expansive and as such mostly used in military buildings or machinery that uses signum to work.  

Other Kinds

There is one other kind of Samantel, the black samantel, this one is only found on the vulcanic island in the west of orcerta and is even sturdier while being much easier to form.


Material Characteristics

Naturally it has a damp silver colour to it, once refined it gives a shine to the silver.

Physical & Chemical Properties

It is a sturdy metal and can be used to craft strong weapons or machinery parts, this is however not its main use. Its main use is that it has the property to conduct signum, this way it is used to connect Saxum crysatals to each other

Geology & Geography

Mostly found in mountainous regions there were cases where Isima found large quantities of it in the desert.


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